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Govenment Affairs: Greeley

July 25, 2019 City to Hold Meeting on Sprinklers After a discussion concerning the 2018 revisions to the residential building code (IRC), Brad Mueller, the City’s Community Development Director said his staff would organize an open house to discuss the proposed mandatory fire sprinkler requirement for new single-family and duplex homes. Both the Greeley Area… Continue reading Govenment Affairs: Greeley

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Govenment Affairs: Weld County

July 25, 2019 Power Struggle Brewing Between County and State On July 23 the Weld County Board of Commissioners passed an ordinance designating the County as an “oil and gas resource of state interest and affirmed Weld’s 1041 land use powers. The ordinance also creates a County oil and gas department. The ordinance is intended… Continue reading Govenment Affairs: Weld County

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Government Affairs: Larimer County

July 25, 2019 County Moving Ahead With Ballot Measure? Larimer County Commissioner Tom Donnelly and two staff members met with the Loveland City Council on July 23 to discuss the County’s proposed half-cent sales tax for transportation and county facilities. Donnelly said the time is now because of the current and projected growth in Larimer… Continue reading Government Affairs: Larimer County

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Government Affairs: Longmont

July 25, 2019 Council Discusses Wildlife Plan The City Council discussed revisions to the Wildlife Management Plan (WMP) on July 16 but made so many changes that it will have to come back before the Council again for final adoption. The Council was particularly concerned with the impact of development on wildlife, in particular setting… Continue reading Government Affairs: Longmont

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Government Affairs: Boulder

July 25, 2019 Pilot Program for Middle Income Downpayment Assistance On July 23 the City Council agreed on guidelines for a $10 million pilot downpayment assistance program designed to help middle-income residents buy homes. The pilot is part of the City’s 2016 Middle Income Housing Strategy and resulted from a proposal crafted by Councilmembers Bob… Continue reading Government Affairs: Boulder