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Oh, summertime! A time for relaxing, soaking up the rays, and showing homes! In the busiest of real estate seasons it is more important than ever to streamline processes while still offering accurate information and useful tools for your clients. The IRES system offers two unique solutions for showing guides that will help keep your clients on track and focused on what matters while they look for their dream home.

IRESis Showing Report

This report is available directly from the IRESis Report Window. Choose the properties you have on your showing schedule, click on the “Print Reports” tab and select the “Showing Guide”. This will provide a map of all the listings, property details, and an itemized list of property features to rate each home and make notes. Use the green arrows on the right to move the properties into your showing order, set up your appointments (phone numbers & online showing options are both available), then Print.

The addition of 5 photos, driving directions and the rating chart make this a more useful tool to the consumer than a simple listing sheet.

Cloud CMA Buyer Tour

Once you have selected the properties in the IRES Report Window click on the “Cloud CMA” dropdown and choose “Create Buyer Tour”. Enter your client’s name, click “Fetch Listings”, review the map and listings, and move on to “Customize Report”. From this screen you can add or remove pages before publishing the report.

Once complete, you can share this buyer tour as a PDF link (best for printing) or as a presentation. The presentation link will allow your client to rate and make comments digitally on their mobile device and have access to all listing photos, area restaurants, school and so much more.  When they complete touring the homes they enter their email to send a copy to them – and you!

For more information on these and more reporting options check out these videos on the IRESis Showing Guide and Cloud CMA Reporting.

Jessica Weatherly Training Specialist

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IRES CEO Lauren Hansen to Speak at Inman Connect San Francisco

IRES is excited to announce that CEO Lauren Hansen will be speaking at Inman Connect, a premier event that brings together more than 4,000 top-producing agents and brokers, CEOs of leading real estate franchises, MLS and association leaders, tech entrepreneurs and marketing executives.

Inman Connect will be held at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square next month.  The event affords attendees the opportunity to network, make deals and explore the newest technology available in the real estate industry.

Bringing years of multiple listing service experience to the table Lauren Hansen was Lauren Hansenselected as one of the invited speakers at Inman Connect and will be contributing to the discussion “MLS Ownership and Governance: What’s the Secret Sauce?”.   She will also be involved with “Meet the Leaders” session on the last day of the conference.   Serving as the current president of the Council of MLS (CMLS), Lauren has inside insight to the many initiatives that are impacting the industry and looks forward to discussing them with Inman Connect attendees.

Inman Connect is where the real estate industry comes to learn about, accept, adopt and use the change prevalent in real estate to their maximum advantage. For more information on the conference please visit Inman Connect.


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Navigate Through Low Inventory: New Home Source

Low inventory taking a bite out of your sales activity?  Navigate this tight market with a “hidden” home source. Nationwide, only 50% of new construction homes will be entered into an MLS.  Therefore, unless you are very familiar with construction projects, many new homes are completely off the grid to you and your clients.

Steer over to New Home Source Professional, located under the IRESis Search menu. Search for new construction by city, with map shapes, various filters and view listings in different display formats.  Agent-only tools provide you with access to information directly from builders, including available commissions, registration, and agent promotion information.

Feel insecure about selling new construction?  Many articles and videos are posted to educate you about the process of showing and selling new homes, including the benefits of new construction homes.

One of the most innovative features is the free, branded Consumer Portal you can use on your website which serves as a way to both attract potential buyers and communicate with clients. Brand yourself as a local new home expert with this multi-purpose Consumer Portal, and drive new sales leads, engage with clients, and share customized searches and listings.

Potential home buyers can use your Portal to search for new homes and communities using a variety of advanced criteria including cities, school districts and home features. They can download PDF reports on builders and communities, contact you to learn more about new home options, and provide feedback directly through the site. Plus, you can track all client activity on the Consumer Portal and respond with timely, helpful communications.

Plot a course for yourself and your clients and shore up on your new construction selling skills. View our video to learn more or feel free to contact IRES.

Niki Kozak

Niki Kozak
Product Manager

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Update to All IRES Subscribers as of June 30, 2017

On June 26th, REColorado & IRES, along with representatives from the shareholder/owner group, met with representatives from Pikes Peak Association of REALTORS® (PPAR) and its MLS – REALTOR® Services Corp (RSC).  The meeting provided RSC/PPAR the opportunity to learn more about the progress being made on the merger discussions between REColorado & IRES.   RSC and PPAR have expressed interest in joining conversations but had requested this meeting to get a full understanding of the progress and decisions made as well as to clarify any misinformation circulating around the status of the discussions.  REColorado and IRES believe the meeting between the groups could benefit the merger discussion.

Kirby Slunaker, CEO of REColorado, provided a succinct timeline of events and summary of accomplishments.  Most importantly, he stated that the first meeting of substance only occurred the previous Friday.   Lauren Hansen, CEO of IRES, provided a conceptual vision for the MLS merger discussions which is to create an MLS solution unique to Colorado.

Even though few meetings have occurred between REColorado and IRES, RSC and PPAR felt behind on conversations and due diligence.  RSC asked for a little more time to ensure to get the appropriate authorization to proceed with and contribute to the facilitator from its Boards of Directors.   RSC/PPAR does not want to slow process or progress but would like the opportunity to officially join the conversation.   RSC/PPAR asked for a little more time before everyone met with the facilitator.   REColorado, IRES and the shareholder/owner representatives agreed that waiting a few additional weeks was reasonable, did not significantly delay the process and having the three groups involved is beneficial in the long run.  RSC/PPAR will notify REColorado and IRES of the decisions by its Boards of Directors by July 21st.

The possibility of having more groups at the table is exciting and presents great opportunity for real estate professionals in Colorado.   REColorado and IRES remain committed to the merger discussions and will continue to forge ahead if RSC/PPAR do not choose to participate, but we are hopeful the organization will join the discussions.

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Broker Feature: Chris Hardy’s Favorite IRES Tools for Increased Productivity

Technology is rapidly changing the way the entire real estate industry operates. At IRES, we strive to provide brokers with access to the latest technological advances and integrate the best and most innovative tools available into our proprietary MLS system. We recently added a pair of new tools, Graphiq and Everlance, which will help brokers provide their clients with more in-depth data while saving them time. These additions came at the ideal time as Colorado’s spring and summer real estate rush is rapidly approaching.

One real estate broker taking advantage of our homegrown MLS system is Chris Hardy and his team at Elevations Real Estate. Hardy has been licensed since 2003, and Elevations is in its fifth year of existence. Located in Old Town Fort Collins, Elevations’ focus is local — the local community, client base, businesses and economy. Elevations is a modern real estate brokerage, focused on innovation and maintaining a technological advantage in order to stay out in front of an ever-evolving market.

“The biggest challenge with IRES is picking your favorite feature,” Hardy said. “There’s just so many things that IRES does well, so narrowing that down and keeping up with all of the cool things that they continue to add can pose a challenge.”

When asked about his favorite IRES MLS features for increased productivity, Hardy listed carts, MySite, mobile functionality and the IRES customer service.

Cart Feature:
While “old school”, the cart feature changed the way Hardy can aggregate listing data for his clients and he noted that it’s a good way to organize data, working from macro to micro.

“I don’t have to bounce back and forth between carts,” Hardy said. “I can throw data into one cart and extract it from that cart into another. It streamlines my ability to manage data and create reports.”

Hardy also discussed how valuable MySite is, in terms of maintaining regular, meaningful communication with clients.

“If a new listing comes on the market, I’m notified AND my clients are notified instantly,” Hardy said.  “Once we have the information about the new listing, we can be first in for showings – that’s an advantage that Trulia, Zillow, Redfin,, and even can’t match!”

Unlike some other MLS systems that operate on a 15 or 20 minute delay, the real-time ability of IRES’s MLS system gives Hardy an advantage with MySite automated searches.

 Mobile Functionality:
The best things about IRES, according to Hardy, is the increase in productivity the mobile functionality of the system provides. Mobile IRESis allows brokers to quickly access listings and perform advanced searches while on the road from a smartphone or tablet.

“Real estate is not a career, its a lifestyle,” Hardy said. “I’m not tied to a laptop or my office and I can list and sell real estate wherever I have a cell signal. The mobile aspect and not having to be in the office is critical to productivity because we are always on the go.”

Customer Service:
Finally, Hardy touted the numerous benefits of the customer service culture we’ve cultivated at IRES, citing consistent, excellent service.

“Day in and day out, they’re super helpful,” Hardy said. “They are beyond a shadow of a doubt, the backbone that keeps IRES moving. I know most of the folks by name, and IRES sets the bar for what excellent customer service looks like.”

If a broker ever has a question or trouble operating the MLS system, the customer service team is always on hand to quickly solve the problem or answer the question.

With the bustling spring real estate season in full swing, and a busy summer season right around the corner, the time is now to take advantage of everything our in-house MLS system has to offer.

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The MLS Miracle

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Hearing Held on PHH v. CFPB

On May 24, 2017, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit heard oral arguments in the case of PHH Corp. v. CFPB. The court examined whether the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) single director structure is unconstitutional and whether the CFPB exceeded their authority when interpreting the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA). The bulk of the oral arguments focused on the constitutionality argument, rather than the RESPA concerns.

Initial reports indicate the court is unlikely to rule the CFPB is unconstitutionally structured (rejecting the previous three-judge panel decision) but will uphold the RESPA interpretation in favor of PHH (and NAR) issued by the three-judge panel in October. Recall, the three-judge panel held that payments for bona fide services provided and made at fair market value do not violate RESPA, reinforcing NAR’s support of marketing service agreements.

The court will likely publish their decision sometime in the fall at the earliest. In the meantime, the CFPB continues to issue enforcement actions on RESPA related concerns, as evidenced by the recent Consent Orders. NAR continues to work with the CFPB on these matters and the impact on the real estate industry.

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NAR Opposes USDA Reorganization

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has provided a report to Congress proposing their reorganization. The new plan creates an Under Secretary for Trade and Foreign Agriculture Affairs. However, it also eliminates the Under Secretary of Rural Development, a department which includes rural housing programs. Instead, rural development agencies will report directly to the USDA Secretary.

While the USDA report calls this move an “elevation” of the program, NAR is concerned that it will undermine the importance of these programs, which provide valuable access to housing financing in rural communities. USDA is not required to eliminate an Under Secretary to create a new position, so elimination of this area is unnecessary. NAR sent a letter to Congressional members with jurisdiction over USDA, asking them to retain the Rural Development Under Secretary, and keep these critical programs fully functioning.

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NAR – Tax Reform Could Hurt Homeowners

The National Association of Realtors® has published a study focusing on the impacts of comprehensive tax reform. While the study did not say so, the reforms identified in the study closely mirror President Trump’s proposed tax reform plan. *

NAR’s study focused on how lower and consolidated marginal tax rates would impact income taxes. Specifically, Lowering and consolidating tax rates to three rates with a top rate of 33 percent, doubling the standard deduction, eliminating all itemized deductions other than charitable contributions and mortgage interest, and eliminating personal exemptions, which is comparable to several other income tax proposals released in the past few years. The study indicates the reforms would result in higher income taxes for those with an adjusted gross income (AGI) between $75,00 and $250,000 and lower taxes for another with an AGI over $200,000.

In addition, the study concludes comprehensive tax reform would impact the demand for owner-occupied housing by reducing the number of homeowners who claim the mortgage internet deduction, eliminating the itemized deduction for property taxes and decreasing the marginal tax rate. The authors conclude the after-tax cost of homeownership would increase and home prices would fall in the short run as housing becomes a less attractive investment. Read NAR’s summary here:

* The Trump Plan recommends a top rate of 35 percent, doubling the standard deduction and eliminating deductions except for the mortgage interest and charitable contribution deduction.

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Independence Institute Considering Transportation Ballot Measure

John Caldera of the Independence Institute is considering a transportation initiative for the November ballot. “Fix Our Damn Roads” has been approved by the Secretary of State’s title board with signatures due from voters by August 7. The proposal would ask voters to authorize the State to issue $2.5 million in bonds for transportation funding with a list of projects for which the proceeds would be spent, including North I-25, South I-25, and I-70 West. It specifically excludes transit projects. The Institute is looking for allies because it’s estimated the cost to gather signatures is $1.2 million and another $3 million for a campaign.

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