Contract Changes Effective Jan 1, 2023

Stay ahead of the game with knowledge of the upcoming contract changes. New contracts will be available in December inside IRES MLS, and in effect January 1, 2023. All contract changes are viewable with both redline and clean versions available for preview on the website.

New Contract:

Assignment of Lease (AL12-6-22)

Updated Contracts:

Brokerage Duties Addendum to Property Management Agreement (BDA55-8-22)
Brokerage Duties Disclosure to Seller-non-CREC Listing (BDD56-8-22)
Buyer Listing Contract (BC60-6-22)
Landlord Listing Contract (LC57-6-22)
Licensee Buyout Addendum (LB36-6-22)
Seller Listing Contract (LC50-6-22)
Seller’s Property Disclosure-Commercial (SPD19C-6-22)
Seller’s Property Disclosure-Land (SPD19L-6-22)
Seller’s Property Disclosure-Residential (SPD19-6-22)
Tenant Listing Contract (ETC59-6-22)

Reference website:

Last Chance – FlōPlan Fall Special S2G1

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Happy Scanning!

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Update to Syndication Settings on Listings

Thanks to a strong partnership and data share agreement, more listing data is available to consumers and brokers across Colorado.

In August of 2021, (REcolorado’s public facing website) became a syndication option for IRES listings. Listing brokers were given a “Yes/No” choice to have their listings displayed on

On September 21st, 2022, IRES will be updating those listings where no choice was selected to “Yes.” This means listings which previously did not have a “Yes” or “No” to syndicate the listing to, will now default to “Yes.”

This will not impact listings in offices that the managing broker has selected “No” overall to any syndication to

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Attribution Contact Added to IRES

To comply with updates to NAR policy, IRES has implemented a new listing field on the Add/Edit screen. This new field gives the broker greater flexibility for office listing attribution on websites through IDX and VOW data feeds.

Attribution Contact is not only a new field on the Add/Edit screen, but also a preference Managing and Owner Brokers can set for listings within their office.

There will be 4 options available to Managing and Owner Brokers for their office on the Preferences screen:

  • Office Phone: The phone number listed on the office record will display for all listings within the office.
  • Office Email: If an email address is listed on an office record, you can select to display the email address on all listings within the office.
  • Custom: This will be a fillable option to display custom contact information for all listings within the office.
  • Agent Choice: If this is selected, every agent within the office can choose a phone number or email address pertaining to themselves or their office to be displayed on a per listing basis.

When an agent enters a listing, the preference for this field will auto-populate on Step 3, the Miscellaneous tab. If Office Phone, Office Email, or Custom is the Managing or Owner Broker’s preference, the field is displayed, but grayed out and cannot be changed. If Agent Choice is the preference, the listing agent will have the ability to enter the phone number or email address of their choosing.

The default will be automatically set to Office Phone. If a change is made to select one of the other options above, it will impact all new listings moving forward. To update existing listings, the Managing or Owner Broker will need to reach out to IRES Staff.

IRES Appoints Veteran Legislative Analyst & Certified Association Executive Scott A. Morris as Government Affairs Director

Utilizing his decades of experience, Morris will inform REALTORS® and brokers about local legislation impacting the northern Colorado real estate market

LOVELAND, Colo., July 12, 2022 — Information and Real Estate Services (IRES), a Loveland-based regional multiple listing service (MLS) that serves Boulder, Weld, Larimer, Broomfield, Logan and Morgan counties, today announced 30-year industry veteran Scott A. Morris, a certified association executive (CAE), as the company’s new government affairs director, effective July 6. 

“Assuming this role enables me to use my experience and expertise in state and local government affairs to educate IRES subscribers on critical issues affecting REALTORS and their businesses, as well as advocate for the real estate industry in northern Colorado,” said Morris. “I am thrilled to continue this valuable and unique customer service IRES provides to its subscribers in a strong homebuying and selling market.”

Scott A. Morris

While the government affairs director position is more commonly used by boards and associations of REALTORS®, IRES has uniquely leveraged this role for more than 20 years to support its customers. Laws and ordinances at the city and county levels change regularly, which makes it difficult for every broker to stay up to date. IRES’s government affairs director researches proposed policies that could impact real estate in northern Colorado, educates IRES subscribers about the proposed policies and legislation, and then advocates for a particular course of action.

Morris has been in the real estate association world for several years, serving as a government affairs professional at the state and local levels. Throughout his career, he has held the following titles:

  • Lobbyist and legislative analyst for the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities.
  • Senior policy analyst for economic development and transportation infrastructure at the National League of Cities.
  • Manager of state municipal league programs at the National League of Cities.
  • Director of state and local government affairs at the Building Owners and Managers Association International.
  • Chair of the Government Relations Section Council of the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE).

He received his bachelor’s degree from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, and his master’s degree in public administration from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University. In addition, Morris was awarded the CAE credential from ASAE in January 2015.

“Scott is the perfect addition to the IRES family as the government affairs director,” Jeff Bosch, IRES’ CEO said. “The role is vital to both understand the policy discussions and trends that are happening in the region and to champion critical conversations to promote affordable, common-sense housing and homeownership initiatives within the municipalities where our subscribers live and work.”

Morris is replacing Barbara Koelzer, who retired after 20 years in this position. Morris is just the second government affairs director in IRES’s company history. For more information about IRES, please visit

About IRES

Information and Real Estate Services, LLC (IRES) was formed in 1996 as the regional multiple listing service (MLS) for northern Colorado by five boards and associations of REALTORS® in Boulder, Fort Collins, Greeley, Longmont and Loveland/Berthoud. In addition to these five boards and associations, IRES is the MLS provider for the Estes Park Board of REALTORS® and Logan County Board of REALTORS®.® for consumers is owned and operated by IRES. Its office is centrally located in Loveland, Colo.

IRES MLS & Bridge Agreement Management

Member instructions for new Data Access agreements

This document outlines the custom workflow for IRES MLS members to initiate data access agreements with IRESMLS and ShowingTime in Bridge Agreement Management (BAM).
You will need to login to BAM to locate the vendor you would like to initiate a contract with.

  1. Login to
  2. Access your info but clicking your name in the upper right corner then selecting My Info OR by clicking the gear located under your name/photo on the left side of the start screen. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Bridge Agreement Manager under the Resource section. This will log you in to BAM

Please note: The Designated Broker for your office must first login to BAM to allow access to Agents from your office. This allows BAM to assign your Broker as a party to your 4-way agreement. If your Designated Broker has not logged into BAM, you will receive a message letting you know this step must be completed before you can login.

  • If the office has an account with ShowingTime and everyone in that office is paid for by the company, only the DR needs to update the agreement.
  • If each agent in the office has their own account with ShowingTime, they will need to initiate an agreement individually.
  1. Once logged in to BAM, you will land on the Home page. Here you will see lists of approved vendors for each data feed type. Be sure to select the agreement from the correct data feed type list.
  2. Click View All Vendors under the Database Access License Agreement section and locate ShowingTime to initiate an agreement. Click Agree to Terms
  1. Click next to agree to the terms and complete the questionnaire form. Once complete, BAM will send a notification to the other parties in the agreement.
  2. For ShowingTime, enter ShowingTime under Question 2/Active Listings (License2). The
    other questionnaire fields can be completed with NA, if required.

To view your agreements, simply click the Agreements link at the top of the page. Use the Filter option to filter agreements bases on status.

BROKERS – This is where you find waiting agreements from your agents waiting for your approval. To approve a waiting agreement:

  1. Locate the waiting agreement. You can use the search function to search for the agent’s
  2. Click edit and proceed to agree to the terms to approve. There will be a notification sent to the other parties once you have approved.

New Options for Your Listings Visibility

New fields will be added for listing entry with our next release.  The new fields address how a listing is displayed on the internet for all MLS listing types.  This gives YOU & your clients control of how a listing is marketed on the internet, without having to contact IRES staff!

As not all of these fields are addressed specifically on the listing contract, best practices should include a conversation with the seller about the impact of each choice on marketing the property prior to entering the listing into the MLS. There is not a blanket right or wrong answer. The default for previously entered listings will be YES, unless modified.

During listing input “Step 3: Miscellaneous Information” there is a new section titled “Internet Marketing.”  This section will have four required Yes or No questions that can be answered on a per-listing-basis.

  1. Display on Internet: Answering “No” would prevent the listing from displaying anywhere outside of IRES MLS and our data share partners. That includes®, syndication and IDX websites. In most cases this would include your own personal and company websites as they are most often powered by IDX. The listing can still be shared to clients directly through the MLS via email or MySite. If this option is selected, all syndication settings will be grayed out automatically.
  2. Display Address: Answering “No” would allow the listing to be displayed on the internet, but not allow display of the property’s address. Many websites use mapping and addresses for their search functionalities, including®. Thus, if “Display Address” is selected to “No,” the listing may not appear at all on those sites.
  3. Allow 3rd Party Comments: Answering “No” limits a website’s ability to allow users to add a comment about the property.
  4. Allow 3rd Party AVMs: When selecting “No” to this question, an AVM, or Automated Valuation Module, are not permitted to be displayed for the listing.

View more information on data feed services here.

Congratulations & Best Wishes Juli “JP” Pleitner

Juli “JP” Pleitner, has been the IRES Product Manager for the past 4 years. She is stepping into a new and exciting role with Lone Wolf.  

During JP’s time at IRES, she has helped update many features and incorporated new value-added services for our subscribers. JP will be missed, but we wish her great success in the next chapter of her career! 

IRES thanks JP for all the positive impacts she has brought during her tenure. We look forward to continuing that tradition, by leveraging your input and feedback to continue to make IRES a better service for you, our subscribers.

5 Tools Help You Get Personal with IRES MLS Contacts

When is the last time you contacted your contacts?

Really, when was it?
Do you have a specific time, date and reason you contacted someone in your contact list? If you want to look like you are on top of your game in front of your contacts, wouldn’t it be great to know this? Now you can.

Illustration of collaboration and connection with clients

IRES MLS Contacts makes accountability easy with the following tools:

1. Activity Feed

Know immediately when you sent that collection of listings, which ones and what time. How about what time you sent that hot listing to MySite, even if it was while you were sleeping?

2. Upcoming Events

Did you know that you can track birthdays and anniversaries in IRES? Simply add your contact’s birthday or anniversary in Add/Edit contacts and get notified in time to send that card, make a phone call or text to make your contact feel special. Relationships can be stronger and more personal when you make it so. Now, it’s easy!

Your upcoming events will notify you of birthdays and anniversaries. Keep in mind, that we’re not just talking about wedding anniversaries – maybe the anniversary you track is the day the closed on the house you sold them. Maybe it’s the day you met them. Maybe the sky is the limit and your business just got one more opportunity to be unique and memorable.

3. Alerts

Did your contact’s email have any kind of failure? You’ll know right away on the activity feed! Did they opt-out accidentally? You just created an opportunity to talk to your contact. Help is on the way – from you.

4. Notes

Type a quick note and add a follow-up date to remember any tasks you need to complete for your contact. Time to grab that coffee? Time to follow up with a promise you made? You don’t need to make a mental note, as IRES is there to remind you!

5. Add Ons

If your notes, alerts, events and activity feed aren’t enough touch for your contact, consider

  • Prospect Searches – automatically send listings to your contacts by simply setting up a prospect search.
  • MySite – create a custom website for your contacts and deliver listings for buyers, sellers, investors and “window shoppers”.
  • ePropertyWatch – a way to stay on your clients’ mind long after the transactions are closed.
Image of a contact record in IRES MLS

Need even more ideas or information about IRES MLS contacts? Contact us or visit our learning center inside the