Spring into Spring with our Newest Technology Features: Graphiq and Everlance

One of our primary missions at IRES is to give brokers access to the latest technology innovations and integrate the best tools on the market into our home grown MLS system. Because the real estate high season started early this year, we are excited to announce the addition of two new tools, Graphiq and Everlance, which will help brokers provide more in-depth data to their buyers while saving time just as Colorado’s spring and summer rush approaches.

IRES is proud to be the first CoreLogic client nationwide to integrate Graphiq, a data visualization software for U.S. homebuyers offered through CoreLogic. CoreLogic provides data for their Graphiq tool to aggregate and provide responsive data visualization that graphically illustrates property lot, tax and transaction information, as well as mortgage trends, school rates, commute times and demographic breakdowns. Using data from CoreLogic and a variety of other sources, including the U.S. Census Bureau, the Department of Education and the American Community Survey, these striking visual representations provide deep insights and valuable context about properties and communities.

“IRES strives to push the real estate industry’s technology expectations forward, which is why we have our own in-house Lauren HansenMLS system, so that our customers can experience a system that is responsive and nimble,” said Lauren Hansen, CEO of IRES. “Graphiq takes housing data to the next level for brokers, giving them the visuals and information to help their customers easily make an informed decision and IRES is honored to be the first MLS system in the nation to implement Graphiq.”

IRES subscribers can access Graphiq on the MLS system, buyers can view it on the IRES client portal, MySite, and consumers can enjoy the same information on ColoProperty.com®.

IRES is also introducing the Everlance app, a tool that allows brokers to easily track mileage and expenses. Everlance has an automatic trip detection, which ensures all miles are tracked using smart GPS. In addition, Everlance also offers easy tracking of all deductible expenses so our customers can save more on taxes. IRES was pleased to negotiate a discounted Premium Plan price for their subscribers.

“Tax season is a nightmare for real estate professionals and we want to make sure that brokers can spend more time focusing on their customers and less time on taxes, which why we introduced Everlance,” continued Hansen.

IRES is committed to providing our customers with cutting-edge technology and the best MLS system on the market. We appreciate your feedback on the new tools, so please feel free to send us a note at info@ires-net.com.

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FAQ’s: Tips For New IRES Users Accustomed To Matrix

Many new IRES subscribers who are accustomed to Matrix may be confused by the differences between IRESis and Matrix. We hope this FAQ will address your questions. If we have not answered your question, leave us a comment and we will add it!

Add Listings
Search Listings

Add Listing Section

Q: How do I enter a listing and not make it active until I’m ready?
A: Enter all listing information, including the status of Active, at the beginning of the process. All listings are saved as a “Draft” listing and will not be live until you click the “Create MLS Listing” button at the end:




Q: Where are the Listing Input Forms so I know which fields are required when I enter a listing?
A:  Click here for the forms. You can also find them on IRESis.com under the Resources menu, “Forms & Docs”.

Search Listings Section

Q: How do I search for Active listings only and not include Under Contract listings?
A: Select the Active status only, as shown below. Active/Backup is an active listing with a contingency contract (still showing and taking backups). Active/First Right is an active listing with a First Right of refusal (still showing and taking offers).




Q: How do I turn a saved search into an Automated Search?
A: After you open your search click the “Prospects” link and choose “Create as Prospect”. That will lead you through the process to add your client as a Contact and automate your search.




Q: Where are Hotsheets located?
A: Under the “Report” menu in IRESis.

Q: Where do REcolorado listings appear on IRESis.com?
A: REcolorado listings are not included anywhere on IRESis. They are also not included in InfoSparks or any other integrated products. However, we suggest using “Find” as a worthwhile tool, located under the Search menu on IRESis.com.  View our Find training video here.

CMA Section

Q: How do I create a CMA report in IRESis?
A: Click “Print Reports” and choose from the CMA Short, Full, or 3 UP reports.

Q: What if I need to make adjustments to my CMA?
A: CloudCMA is included in your IRES subscription at no additional cost, which allows you to make adjustments and create an attractive report. In addition, you can create Flyers, Property Brochures and Buyer Tours for showings. It is located on the IRESis Start Screen or, after you select your comps, click the CloudCMA button in the Report Window.

MySite Section

Q: What is “MySite” and how does it work?
A: MySite is our client portal that allows your clients to view, rate, and comment on listings you send them. When creating your Contact, enable MySite and create a password.  View our video for more details.

Showings Section

Q: What is the best way to set up showings?
A: Select the listings you want to show, then click “Print Reports”, and choose the “Showing Guide”. The “For Showings Contact” phone number and/or a link to set up showings online will display.





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Introducing Everlance: Track Your Expenses

We’re excited to announce we’ve partnered with Everlance, to make keeping track of your expenses as easy as possible 🎉.

Everlance,the highest rated mileage tracker in the App Store, replaces the shoebox of receipts and paper mileage log by tracking your expenses automatically, which means all you need to do is swipe a trip or expense to the left if it’s personal or to the right if it’s for business. Everlance is a set it and forget it solution so you can focus on real estate instead of doing paper work.

The average Everlance user records over $3,500 a year in deductions – watch the 2 minute video below to see how it works.

🚗  Swipe to classify your trips or manually enter them by tapping the ‘+’ button.

🏦  Snap photos of receipts or connect your bank/credit card for other business expenses.

📊  Export your data for reimbursements or taxes at anytime.

Your options are:

  • Download it now and receive a one week Premium Trial
  • After your Premium Trial, continue to use the Free version, which includes 30 automatic trips per month
  • Or, after your Premium Trial, upgrade to the Premium Plan with the discount that IRES has negotiated by using the link below or on the IRESis Start Screen.  Regular annual price: $60, discounted price $48.




Please email any questions about the app or pricing to support@everlance.com or view their excellent Help Center.

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Nation: PACE Reform Bills Introduced

Bipartisan legislation supported by NAR was introduced in the Senate and House that would subject Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) loans to the same Truth in Lending Act (TILA) consumer protections required of other mortgage products. In the Senate, Senators Tom Cotton (R-AR), Marco Rubio (R-FL), and John Boozman (R-AR) introduced the legislation. The House version was introduced by Representatives Brad Sherman (D-CA), and Ed Royce (R-CA).

PACE loans allow homeowners to pay for energy efficient home upgrades — such as solar panels and insulation — with a lien paid back through property tax payments. The loans currently require little to no underwriting, carry interest rates that are substantially higher than other available financing options, and contain repayment terms, typically 15 to 20 years, that often extend beyond the useful life of the financed improvements.

PACE loans are not currently subject to nationwide mortgage financing rules, meaning that a comprehensive underwriting of a borrower’s income, debt, and credit history is not being conducted when a PACE loan is originated.

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Nation: NAR Testifies on VA Appraisals

On April 4, Michelle Bradley, the 2016 NAR Real Property Valuation Committee Chair, testified before the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs – Economic Opportunity Subcommittee at a hearing entitled “Assessing VA Approved Appraisers and How to Improve the Program for the 21st Century.” In the past year, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Home Loan Guaranty Program has become aware of concerns with long wait times to schedule a VA appraisal and a potential shortage of appraisers, especially in very rural areas.

In her testimony, Ms. Bradley stressed the strong performance of VA loans and their low foreclosure rates, which are due to strong underwriting requirements, in particular the well-developed VA appraisal system and high quality of VA appraisers. The VA’s closed panel of appraisers ensures strict appraiser independence by removing the possibility of collusion between the lender and the appraiser.

In addressing the concerns of the Committee, Ms. Bradly testified that the long wait times to schedule a VA appraisal in rural areas are not due to a simple shortage of appraisers. Qualified appraisers are selecting to focus on non-VA assignments rather than join the VA panel. According to NAR’s 2017 Appraisal Trends Survey, appraisers cite concerns with compensation and over-regulation as reasons to opt-out of all types of assignments. Training new appraisers has become increasingly challenging given burdensome requirements for entry into the profession.

In addition, rural areas present unique problems with regards to residential appraisals, as properties are often “unique” with large distances between comparable homes, causing time and gas costs to exceed those of suburban or urban appraisers. Sometimes the sales price and the appraised value of a property are different. And while the VA has a Reconsideration of Value process that is intended to assure the buyer and the lender that the appraiser has reviewed all relevant data, this is not always understood by the buyer or their agent.

The Committee asked that the panelists, NAR included, continue to focus on the concerns of the VA appraisal system and work together to develop recommendations for improvement that could be presented back to the Committee at a later date.

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Nation: Why Home Ownership Matters

According to a study funded by the National Association of REALTORS® the for-sale housing industry is a key component of the gross domestic product (GDP), and an important driver for the overall economy. Since 1959, total housing-related spending, including both owners and renters, accounted for an annual average of 18.9 percent of GDP, and an average of 17.8 percent of GDP since 1985. However, following multiple years of contraction in the national homeownership rate and a sharp reduction in capital availability for new home construction, housing-related spending as a share of GDP decreased significantly, falling to 15.6 percent of GDP as of 2016.

However, there is cause for optimism according to the report’s authors. They say foreclosure rates will continue to fall and economic factors work in favor of increasing home ownership rates in the near term. Income and employment are on the rise, potential increases in federal government spending on infrastructure and defense, and possible reductions in tax rates and regulation should stimulate the economy, the report states. Follow this link to read more: http://tinyurl.com/lkvjsox .

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Colorado: Transportation Bill Moves to Senate

HB-1242 “Transportation Infrastructure Funding” had its first committee hearing in the Senate’s Transportation Committee on April 11. It passed out of the committee on a 3-2 vote but that could spell trouble for the bill. While HB-1242 is co-sponsored by the Senate President, a Republican, Senators John Cooke (Greeley) and Ray Scott (Grand Junction), voted against it.

Some key amendments may make the bill more palatable to conservative Republicans. One amendment reduced the sales tax increase from .62 percent to .50 percent. Another changed CDOT’s allocation from a flat $375 million a year to 53 percent a year, which allows the portion for State projects to grow over time.

The Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance has a neutral position on the bill because we have significant concerns about the bill. For one thing, our polls show voters will not support such a large sales tax increase. In addition, the emphasis on funding local projects and multi-modal transportation comes at the expense of state highways. We believe the bill should include a “signature list” of projects generated by the Transportation Commission that guarantees funding for key interstates and corridors.

Note: The Colorado Association of REALTORS® currently has a neutral position on this bill.

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Colorado Association of REALTORS: Doc Fee Bill Introduced

After meeting with CAR lobbyists, who expressed significant concerns, sponsors introduced HB-1309 “Doc Fee to Fund Affordable Housing.” This bill would double the existing documentary fee for the recording of real estate deeds, with half of the money allocated to the county treasurer and the other half allocated to the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority to create a housing investment fund to support new and existing affordable housing programs.

CAR says the bills has several flaws.

“First, the fee that would double under this legislation hurts the very families that it is intended to help because such a fee is regressive. It disproportionately impacts low-to-moderate income earners – those that can least afford it, which creates a barrier to homeownership. Down payment costs – including closing costs – remain a significant barrier to homeownership, especially for low-to moderate-income households.

Second, real estate documentary fees are not a reliable funding source. Real estate documentary fees are extremely sensitive to market forces, making the frequency of transactions and value of property variable in relation to the strength of the economy, which makes real estate documentary fees a poor revenue source to fund affordable housing.

Finally, real estate documentary fees for affordable housing are likely unconstitutional under TABOR. The Colorado Supreme Court has weighed in on the issue of taxes versus fees, and ruled that fees levied must be directly related to the services being performed.  New fees that pay or fund something not directly related to the cost of service are actually taxes, and as such, violate TABOR’s requirement that citizens are entitled to vote on new taxes.”

CAR’s Legislative Policy Committee is scheduled to review HB-1309 this Friday (4/14).

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Greeley: Council Gets Update on Area Highway Studies

The City Council received an update on two PEL (planning and environmental linkage) transportation studies involving Greeley’s two main highways — US 85 and US 34. The US 85 study has been underway for 4 years while the US 34 study started last year. Greeley is at the epicenter of growth in Northern Colorado and the highway improvements that result from the studies will help the highway infrastructure keep pace with the population growth. Read more about the study in the Greeley Tribune: http://tinyurl.com/l6nrvw3.

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Greeley: Council Approves Land Use Amendments

On April 4, the City Council approved two sets of amendments related to subdivision and planning processes. The first set of proposed changes parallels existing policy and codes for water and sewer infrastructure built by development. The proposed amendment for streets acknowledges that, when a development is required to install and pay for road infrastructure for connectivity purposes that is disproportionate to its ultimate total use of it, the initial developer should have an opportunity for “fair-share” reimbursement. The changes allow a developer (for up to 10 years after the initial construction) to be reimbursed by any intervening development that subsequently occurs along the roadway corridor.

The second set of proposed amendments will allow for the dedication of land for parks, consistent with decisions previously made regarding the structure of development impact fees and park service levels. This set of code changes proposes to have land dedicated to the City of Greeley for parks as part of the subdivision process for residential uses. The amount of land will be proportionate to the number of new residents the development would create. This change has been planned ever since the City adopted development impact fees. In the past, park impact fees were calculated for the cost of both purchasing land and building parks. Now the current impact fees are calculated based only on the cost of constructing a park.

Initially the Home Builders Association of Northern Colorado was unhappy with the proposed park land dedication requirement, however Community Development Director Brad Mueller and his staff worked with the builders to alleviate their concerns.

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