Pay Your IRES MLS Fees By Text

Have you ever paid a bill via a text message?  It makes life so simple!  Follow these easy steps to pay your IRES MLS bill on your phone.

“I love the ability to not only have a reminder that my invoices are prepared, but also to have such a simple way to authorize the payment and get my receipt! No more rushes on the last day to get IRES paid!” …Sean M Dougherty, Re/Max Alliance

  1. Go to
  • If you have already registered your Invoice Cloud account, click Sign In and go to Step 2
  • If you haven’t registered your account yet:
    a. Click Register Now
    b. Enter your Agent Code (found under My Info in and your name
    c. Create a password and enter the secure code

2. On the “Your Account at a Glance” screen, select “Edit” next to “Pay by Text”:


3. Select “Email and Text” in the “How would you like to receive Invoice Notifications?” drop down. Then enter your phone number and press the “Save My Changes” button.


That’s it! Now when your IRES fees are due you will receive a text message and can click the link to pay. Need help? Give us a call at 1-800-596-4901.

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Graphiq: Knowledge Delivered Visually

When looking for a new home, consumers are hungry for information about the property and lifestyle of the area. How are the schools rated? How long will the commute be?  Have home sales been strong in that area with low foreclosure rates?

Graphiq displays that information in interesting, intuitive graphs that buyers love. IRES is excited to be the first CoreLogic client to make Graphiq available to brokers and homebuyers. These interesting visualizations are located in the IRESis Report Window (Neighborhood tab), on MySite, and on our popular consumer site,®.

Lauren Hansen“The public has access to more data than ever, but a lot of it can be difficult to understand. We’re helping Colorado brokers and homebuyers make better real estate decisions by visually representing complex data in a way that is clear and comprehensible. The data visualizations from Graphiq and CoreLogic are excellent for our purposes.” Lauren Hansen, IRES CEO

Using data from CoreLogic and a variety of other sources, including the U.S. Census Bureau, the Department of Education and the American Community Survey, these striking visual representations provide deep insights and valuable context about properties and communities.

In addition to educating clients, use Graphiq to market yourself. Click the Share button to easily post graphs to Facebook and Twitter, or include a link in your monthly e-newsletter campaign, blog post, or website. For example, you could include something like this: View Southeast Fort Collins School ratings here. Give us a call if you need any help, we’re happy to assist you!

Niki Kozak

By Niki Kozak
Product Manager

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Nation: VA Reconsiders Limits on Fees

On April 13, 2017, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) released an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking regarding revisions to allowable charges and fees associated with VA guaranteed home loans. In recent years, the VA has received complaints from veterans and other stakeholders, including REALTORS®, that restrictions on the charges and fees VA Loan borrowers can pay in a home purchase transaction are hindering the ability of VA borrowers to compete with other buyers in today’s housing market. The VA is considering ways to revise the list of acceptable charges and fees while still protecting the VA borrower and is seeking public comment on how this should be done. Comments are due Jun. 12, 2017.

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Colorado: Bill to Reduce Carpooling Occupancy Requirements Passes Hearing

HB-1348, “Prohibit HOV Requirement on North I-25 Express Lanes,” would reverse CDOT’s new express lane policy, which requires three occupants (HOV-3) for free use of any new express lane on North I-25. Instead, the bill would make an express lane free for vehicles with two occupants.

The problem with the bill, according to CDOT, is that it threatens the viability of the Phase One project between SH 14 (Mulberry) and SH 402 (Loveland) because the projected toll revenues are based on the HOV-3 model, which will be a significant portion of the project funding. This is why NCLA opposes the bill. (CAR hasn’t taken a position on HB-1348 yet). The bill cleared the House Local Government Committee on April 26 although Rep. Hugh McKean, a co-sponsor of the bill, did not vote to support it in committee after receiving negative feedback from local governments and others who are advocating to expand North I-25.

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Colorado: Transportation Bill Dies in Senate Committee

The transportation bill sponsored by the Democratic Speaker of the House and the Republican Senate President died in the Senate Finance Committee on April 25. HB-1242 would have asked voters to approve a new .50 state sales tax and allowed the State to issue bonds in order to raise $3.5 million for transportation. CDOT would net 29.2 percent of the revenue for state highways. The remaining revenue would have been split with allocations for local government (70 percent) and multi-modal transportation (30 percent) including sidewalks, dial-a-ride services and transit.

The Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee killed the bill, which had already passed the House, because they opposed the sales tax increase. NCLA had a neutral position on the bill, as did CAR. NCLA supports bonding as a revenue source, however the bill would not have raised enough revenue for CDOT’s priority list. In addition, we did not support the multi-modal emphasis of the bill. As written, the bill would’ve allowed multi-modal projects to “triple-dip” because they would’ve been eligible for bond revenues, local government and the specific multi-modal allocation. Rumor has it the Republicans will introduce another transportation bill in this session but it’s hard to imagine the Democrats will support it.

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Colorado Association of REALTORS: Legislative Update

HB-1279 “Construction Defect Actions Notice Vote Approval” CAR Position – Support. The Legislative Policy Committee changed its position to support after significant amendments were made to the bill. This bi-partisan bill requires all homeowners and the developer to be notified that a construction defects lawsuit is being considered. In addition, it requires that a majority of the homeowners to approve a decision to pursue a lawsuit.

This bill is poised to be the first significant construction defects bill to pass the legislature in four years. While it does not address all the issues related to the problem, it is a start. One of the sponsors, Rep. Lori Saine (Dacono), met with a group including REALTOR® representatives last summer, and has made good on her promise to put forth a bill dealing with the issue.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 17-002 “Real Estate Transfer Tax For Affordable Housing” CAR Position – Oppose. SCR 17-002, is sponsored by Senator Kefalas (Ft. Collins) SCR 02 deletes the prohibition in TABOR on new or increased transfer tax rates on real property. The concurrent resolution imposes a tax upon the recording of each real property deed at the rate of 1/10 of one percent of the value of the real property as specified in the deed for the privilege of transferring the title to real property (tax).
SCR 02 has several flaws. First, the transfer tax hurts the very families that it is intended to help because such a tax is regressive. It disproportionately impacts low-to-moderate income earners – those that can least afford it, which creates a barrier to homeownership. Down payment costs – including closing costs – remain a significant barrier to homeownership, especially for low-to moderate-income households.
Second, real estate transfer taxes are not a reliable funding source. Real estate transfer taxes are extremely sensitive to market forces, making the frequency of transactions and value of property variable in relation to the strength of the economy, which makes real estate transfer taxes a poor revenue source to fund any government programs, let alone affordable housing.

HB-1309 “Documentary Fee to Fund Affordable Housing” CAR Position – Oppose. CAR lobbyist Jason Hopfer spoke against the bill in its first hearing in the Local Government Committee on April 26 and was the only witness to oppose it. He reiterated CAR’s concerns with a doc fee increase (see above). He also said the bill is unconstitutional because it increases a fee that is unrelated to a service and is thus a tax. Committee Chair Steve Lebsock (Adams County) encouraged CAR to reconsider its position and work with the sponsors on the bill. Committee Republicans voted no while Democrats voted yes, so the bill passed 7-6. Now it goes to the full House for 2nd reading.

HB-1358 “Concerning Transparency in the Fees to be Paid to the Parties Agents in a Real Estate Transaction” CAR Position – Oppose. The bill requires that, in any sale or lease of real estate, the amounts payable to anyone acting as a broker in the transaction (e.g., buyer’s agent, seller’s agent, transaction-broker) be disclosed in writing, either as part of the contract or otherwise, and accounted for. If the amount payable is allocated between the parties, the portion for which each party is responsible must be separately stated. Brokers are required to disclose their fees or the basis for calculating their fees on all marketing materials relating to any specific property, including on-line multiple listing services.

CAR’s LPC has taken positions on a number of significant bills in the last few weeks. There’s not enough room to go into details on all of them, so here’s a short list of the bills and positions:
SB-215 “Sunset Licensed Real Estate Brokers & Subdivision Developers” – Support. This bill made its way through both chambers and should be on its way to the Governor soon.
HB-1310 “Residential Landlord Application Screening Fee” – Oppose.
HB-1311 “Seller’s Disclosure Estimated Future Property Tax”– Neutral. Working for language changes. Builders try to give a rough estimate of taxes.
HB-1312 “Residential Lease Copy and Rent Receipt” – Oppose.
SB- SB-282 “Dedicate Reservoir Release Environmental Purposes” – Neutral. This bill, sponsored by Rep. Hugh McKean (Loveland) needs changes to make the bill palatable.

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Fort Collins: Council Approves Payment for North I-25

The Fort Collins City Council gave final approval to an ordinance remitting the first of five $445,0000 payments to Larimer County as part of an annual regional contribution of local matching funds for the North I-25 Phase 1 project. Larimer County Commissioner Tom Donnelly proposed the local match project last year using funding from the County’s local road and bridge mill levy.

Creation of a source of local match funding is advantageous in order to take advantage of funding partnerships and grant opportunities that may arise to help improve the I-25 corridor. This contribution, combined with additional commitments from regional agencies and private development, results in $25 million committed for the local match. This regional collaboration and commitment helped accelerate the schedule for I-25 improvements in Northern Colorado by fifteen years.

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Longmont: Sanctuary City Discussion Postpones Council Action

On April 25 the City Council had two items of interest to REALTORS®on the agenda – a text amendment to remove accessory dwelling unit density calculations and the Boston-Sunset annexation referral. Agendas are carefully created in advance by staff and approved by the mayor. Unfortunately, these two items were pushed to subsequent meetings because of the long public comment period on designating Longmont as a sanctuary city.

The sanctuary city debate, thankfully, is not a Realtor® issue. It is frustrating when a group of activists work in concert with one Council member to force discussion of their issue and push previously scheduled items off the agenda.

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Spring into Spring with our Newest Technology Features: Graphiq and Everlance

One of our primary missions at IRES is to give brokers access to the latest technology innovations and integrate the best tools on the market into our home grown MLS system. Because the real estate high season started early this year, we are excited to announce the addition of two new tools, Graphiq and Everlance, which will help brokers provide more in-depth data to their buyers while saving time just as Colorado’s spring and summer rush approaches.

IRES is proud to be the first CoreLogic client nationwide to integrate Graphiq, a data visualization software for U.S. homebuyers offered through CoreLogic. CoreLogic provides data for their Graphiq tool to aggregate and provide responsive data visualization that graphically illustrates property lot, tax and transaction information, as well as mortgage trends, school rates, commute times and demographic breakdowns. Using data from CoreLogic and a variety of other sources, including the U.S. Census Bureau, the Department of Education and the American Community Survey, these striking visual representations provide deep insights and valuable context about properties and communities.

“IRES strives to push the real estate industry’s technology expectations forward, which is why we have our own in-house Lauren HansenMLS system, so that our customers can experience a system that is responsive and nimble,” said Lauren Hansen, CEO of IRES. “Graphiq takes housing data to the next level for brokers, giving them the visuals and information to help their customers easily make an informed decision and IRES is honored to be the first MLS system in the nation to implement Graphiq.”

IRES subscribers can access Graphiq on the MLS system, buyers can view it on the IRES client portal, MySite, and consumers can enjoy the same information on®.

IRES is also introducing the Everlance app, a tool that allows brokers to easily track mileage and expenses. Everlance has an automatic trip detection, which ensures all miles are tracked using smart GPS. In addition, Everlance also offers easy tracking of all deductible expenses so our customers can save more on taxes. IRES was pleased to negotiate a discounted Premium Plan price for their subscribers.

“Tax season is a nightmare for real estate professionals and we want to make sure that brokers can spend more time focusing on their customers and less time on taxes, which why we introduced Everlance,” continued Hansen.

IRES is committed to providing our customers with cutting-edge technology and the best MLS system on the market. We appreciate your feedback on the new tools, so please feel free to send us a note at

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FAQ’s: Tips For New IRES Users Accustomed To Matrix

Many new IRES subscribers who are accustomed to Matrix may be confused by the differences between IRESis and Matrix. We hope this FAQ will address your questions. If we have not answered your question, leave us a comment and we will add it!

Add Listings
Search Listings

Add Listing Section

Q: How do I enter a listing and not make it active until I’m ready?
A: Enter all listing information, including the status of Active, at the beginning of the process. All listings are saved as a “Draft” listing and will not be live until you click the “Create MLS Listing” button at the end:




Q: Where are the Listing Input Forms so I know which fields are required when I enter a listing?
A:  Click here for the forms. You can also find them on under the Resources menu, “Forms & Docs”.

Search Listings Section

Q: How do I search for Active listings only and not include Under Contract listings?
A: Select the Active status only, as shown below. Active/Backup is an active listing with a contingency contract (still showing and taking backups). Active/First Right is an active listing with a First Right of refusal (still showing and taking offers).




Q: How do I turn a saved search into an Automated Search?
A: After you open your search click the “Prospects” link and choose “Create as Prospect”. That will lead you through the process to add your client as a Contact and automate your search.




Q: Where are Hotsheets located?
A: Under the “Report” menu in IRESis.

Q: Where do REcolorado listings appear on
A: REcolorado listings are not included anywhere on IRESis. They are also not included in InfoSparks or any other integrated products. However, we suggest using “Find” as a worthwhile tool, located under the Search menu on  View our Find training video here.

CMA Section

Q: How do I create a CMA report in IRESis?
A: Click “Print Reports” and choose from the CMA Short, Full, or 3 UP reports.

Q: What if I need to make adjustments to my CMA?
A: CloudCMA is included in your IRES subscription at no additional cost, which allows you to make adjustments and create an attractive report. In addition, you can create Flyers, Property Brochures and Buyer Tours for showings. It is located on the IRESis Start Screen or, after you select your comps, click the CloudCMA button in the Report Window.

MySite Section

Q: What is “MySite” and how does it work?
A: MySite is our client portal that allows your clients to view, rate, and comment on listings you send them. When creating your Contact, enable MySite and create a password.  View our video for more details.

Showings Section

Q: What is the best way to set up showings?
A: Select the listings you want to show, then click “Print Reports”, and choose the “Showing Guide”. The “For Showings Contact” phone number and/or a link to set up showings online will display.





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