Participate in Our 2023 Survey for a Chance to Win an iPad!

The IRES team invites you to participate in our 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey via WAV Group.

Your invaluable insights and feedback will help us focus on enhancing our product suite and performance. An email was sent out (from for this survey on Friday, May 26th, 2023.

The survey will take less than 15 minutes. By completing this survey, you will automatically be entered into a drawing to win a 10.9 in 256GB Apple iPad in the color of your choosing!

We appreciate your feedback and participation as we work to improve your experience with IRES!

Thank you!

IRES Launches New Customer Support Solution

As of April 26th, 2023, IRES has added Zendesk to our suite of tools to communicate better with YOU.  Whether that is reaching out via chat or submitting feedback, Zendesk will help streamline getting you back to business, faster.

What does this mean for you?

You can still reach us all the ways you are used to. Adding Zendesk means chat, feedback, and even emails are getting an upgrade. Off-hours questions? Our new chat bot will navigate you through common troubleshooting solutions, and notify IRES staff to reach out as soon as we are back in office if you need further assistance.  Reaching out via social media? Zendesk will notify us! Have feedback? Our whole team gets notified, and your communications are housed in one place on the Zendesk dashboard so we can always pick up right where you left off. 

Help Center – access step-by-step instructions, videos, and other useful information.

Click the “Follow” button in the Help Center to follow a particular article or an entire section. This will send you an email notification when new articles are added or comments are made to an article.

Feedback – report a problem, suggestion, or question. This process works the same as it always has, but the replies will now come from IRES via a Zendesk email (

Chat / Chatbot – found on each page in the lower right-hand corner. An easy way to instant message a member of the IRES team during regular business hours. Chatbot is a new, automated chat feature available 24/7.

Zendesk Dashboard – “My Support Requests” allows you to view a record of your communications through Zendesk directly from IRESis.


Please know, to access any Zendesk links, you will first need to be logged into IRESis.

Communication through this system will send email notifications from for the following items:

  • Tickets – A ticket is any communication you do with IRES via feedback, chat, support emails (as of May 17th) and in the future, screenshare, and phone calls.
    • Responses to tickets
    • Ticket Status Changes
  • Replies to comments on Help Center articles.
  • Summary of any Chat conversations
  • Customer satisfaction survey emailed 24hrs after a ticket has been resolved

Carts Manager & My Listings

Manage your listings quickly and efficiently with the Carts Manager and My Listings tools inside IRESis.

General Features for Both Carts Manager & My Listings

Mobile friendly for real estate professionals on the go with laptops, tables and phones.

  • Larger fonts, buttons and click targets
  • Responsive layout and better alignment of data inside each portion of the app
  • Scrollable list views on phones (just swipe either way to see the whole view)
  • Configurable list view

Color coding by status across all views for easy way-finding.

  • Red = sold
  • Orange = pending
  • Green = active
  • Purple = coming soon
  • Gray = withdrawn, expired


  • Multiple views for data: card, list, and map views
  • Popular data points, highlighted in a way you can quickly digest information without working too hard.
  • Sortable, filterable, shareable, and manageable

Card View

Quickly view the information you want to see the most: a photo, price, status, type, and other important details based on property type. In addition, you will see the listing date, the last status date and quick feedback on status with color coding.

List View

Do you like the report window’s grid? My Listings and Carts Manager have a more modernized, mobile-friendly, cleaner (with a larger font) and more powerful list view available for you to use!

  • List Configuration Tool allows you to customize the fields you need the most.
    • Access the tool using the gear icon on the far right side of the list.
    • Add or remove the fields you want inside the pop-up window.
    • Order the data using the drag and drop tool on the right side of the pop-up window.
    • Save and compare popular fields in a column and view the data you want to see, the way you want to see it!
  • Copy MLS and Street Addresses using the copy tool (hover over the MLS or Address labels to access it). Bonus tip: sort and filter your listings however you like using the sort and filter tools, then copy the listings you want. The data displaying on the screen is what will be copied to your clipboard.

Map View

Enjoy updated mobile-friendly tools in a mobile-friendly map tool!

View listings

Listings are by default, color coded by status and now, sub-status. The map legend (i) icon on the bottom right will give you more data for sub-status clarification. Map tools are modernized, cleaner with bigger touch targets for your mobile experience, and take up less screen space than before!


  • Street and aerial views available
  • Overlays such as addresses, amenities, census, county lines, flood zone, landmarks, places, school districts, zip codes and more.
  • Display Options (inside the layers menu) allows you to view the listings in your collection by address, price, MLS number or just a dot on the map. You can also change colors of the dots by selecting listing status or listing type to help you determine what type of property exists where on a map.

Go To a specific address or city inside the map to see where properties are in relation to a specific address.

My Listings

My Listings includes all the great tools Carts Manager has, but are specific to the listings you manage. Quickly filter, sort, view, or share any listing you have created with My Listings. You can also directly edit your listings from My Listings. Simply click on the pencil listing and find a quick menu to edit the area you need to update.

Looking for ways to use Carts Manager to improve your business? Learn more here.

8 Ways to Use Carts Manager to Benefit Your Business

Be sure to learn more about the Carts Manager and My Listings tools available to you inside IRESis.

8. Listing Presentations

The most common way to utilize Carts Manager is to find the listings you wish to share with your clients in the search interface.  Then, add those listings to a listing cart where you can easily reference them, pull up more reports, compare and more.  Visit Carts Manager for a modern, fresh and clean interface, complete with a card view (pictures!), list view (easily compare facts), or map view (where the properties are in relation to one another).

Bonus tip: use the Media Tab inside Carts Manager to see all the photos with captions when presenting to your clients. Here, you see an interactive visual display with available photos and videos. You can also add listings directly from Hotsheets to your carts to have the latest and greatest if any last-minute properties come on the market!

7. New Business: Market Comparisons

Grab the attention of new clients by creating a market comparison for an in-person meeting, mailing, newsletter, or presentation to share in your marketing materials.  Simply add the appropriate listings to a cart and open Carts Manager. From there, you can easily reference the properties you wish to compare, manage your collection, and create a multitude of reports, including the 1004MC Data report, which includes median sales, median comparable data, months of housing supply, absorption rate and more!

Bonus tip: Set up a Prospect search to keep your comparison listings up-to-date. Focus on the area you want to target, with relative messaging for the area. Try “Recently Sold in your area” and “Top Prices in Your Neighborhood” messages to connect with new clients and generate more business.

6. Multiple Carts, Multiple Views

Multiple tabs inside Carts Manager allows you to open multiple carts on separate tabs. Easily work with multiple clients at one time, without losing your place if the phone rings, or you need to step out. Simply open the cart back up and begin where you left off!

5. Copy MLS Numbers or Street Addresses

Need to send a quick list of MLS numbers to a co-worker, client, or yourself? Use the copy MLS numbers tool to add a list of numbers to copy to your clipboard on desktop, tablet, or mobile to easily share via email, text message, or chat.

Pro tip: use the sort and filter tools to show exactly the listings you want to share. Or, use select to quickly determine which properties you want to copy, then sort by “show selected” or “show unselected,” then copy!

4. Configure, Compare

If you have a client that is looking to compare specific properties on multiple fields, you can use the List Configuration tool inside Carts Manager to choose those fields as columns.

Simply select the gear icon in the top right and select the field names you wish to compare, then drag and drop to order the way you like. Sort and filter accordingly and share the listings with your client using the report of your choosing, MySite, link, or email.

3. Long Term Relationships: Property Finder

Looking for that perfect property for that particular client?  Rekindle long term relationships with existing clients with those “if you happen to see a…(condo near CSU, under xxx for a good investment property)” type of search.

Once you find the right property or properties, add it to the cart and bring in comparable properties to present to your client for a more personal approach.

Long term relationships are built on trust and personal connection – connect with unmistakable service by personalizing your service by sharing properties on the terms of your clients. Some may prefer email, some like MySite, or maybe you just want to send a link via text.

Bonus tip: Create a Prospect Search with your criteria, send the listings directly to your client via MySite, OR send it to yourself for a more personal touch.

2. Organize Your Showings Like a Pro

Gearing up for a day with your clients? Prepare for your adventure with Carts Manager! Add the properties you want to show to a cart. Access Carts Manager and view the listings on the Map Tab. You can easily see the properties and plan your route accordingly.

Bonus tip: use the Showing Guide report and organize the properties in the order you want to view the properties. Provide a copy to your clients, so they can add their notes on the tour!

Follow up with the properties by sharing them in MySite, which allows your tech-savvy users to add notes digitally as they go.

1. Create a Concierge Service

Are you service-oriented? Do you like to review properties before you send them to your clients? Find the properties you like using Search, Prospects, or Hotsheets and add them to a Cart. Curate the list inside Carts Manager using the Card View, List View, or Map View. Add or remove the properties and when you are ready, use the top “select all” checkbox and send the listings to MySite, via email, link, social media or Cloud CMA!

Bonus tip: Setting up a Prospect Search for your client, and a MySite that sends listings directly to you is great, but take it one step further and use Carts Manager. Filter the listings from your search results, place them into a cart and then send your curated list to your client’s MySite in one easy step!

The Secret to Capturing & Keeping Leads


Did you know® has sent nearly 5500 FREE listing leads in the past 12 months?  That’s right!  Nearly 5500 listing leads!  But what do you do once you receive the lead?  Here are some helpful tips to make the most out of all internet leads!

Make a Lasting Impression

Making a great first impression is such an important step in establishing a relationship with a new client.  What better way than following up on leads fast!  On®, you will receive a listing lead as soon as the consumer clicks a button.  Be sure to make time in your schedule to follow up on these leads on a regular basis. Here’s a tip:  Set up a calendar reminder to incorporate lead follow-up as part of your daily routine.

Persistence Pays Off

Now that you’ve made contact, how do you cultivate that lead?  Having patience is a virtue, especially in real estate.  Nurturing leads take time!  Following up one time may not do the trick, but reaching out in various ways and multiple times just might!  According to BoomTown, making contact on the first try is 30% successful.  This rises to 90% by the 6th call!

Once you have made contact with the consumer, what do you do?  Start building that relationship offline!  This can happen many ways.  It could start by a meet and greet at a coffee shop or a weekend of showings.  Whatever your approach is, get out there and take action!

Whether word of mouth or from the internet, leads have always been a critical component in real estate.  In this fast-paced Colorado market, capturing and keeping those leads is essential to a successful career in real estate.  Remember, time is of the essence.  Act fast and act often.

Delana (1)
From the desk of Delana Tjeerdsma
E-Learning & Marketing Manager, IRES MLS

IRES Office Address Change

Please update your records with our new address. Our phone numbers and email addresses will remain the same, as will our website address and social media accounts.

IRES staff works on a remote-first basis.

Please contact us via phone at 970-593-9002, live chat or e-mail at before visiting the address below in person.

We are here to help. Your time is valuable to us!

1611 S. College Ave Ste 202
Fort Collins, CO 80525

Contract Changes Effective Jan 1, 2023

Stay ahead of the game with knowledge of the upcoming contract changes. New contracts will be available in December inside IRES MLS, and in effect January 1, 2023. All contract changes are viewable with both redline and clean versions available for preview on the website.

New Contract:

Assignment of Lease (AL12-6-22)

Updated Contracts:

Brokerage Duties Addendum to Property Management Agreement (BDA55-8-22)
Brokerage Duties Disclosure to Seller-non-CREC Listing (BDD56-8-22)
Buyer Listing Contract (BC60-6-22)
Landlord Listing Contract (LC57-6-22)
Licensee Buyout Addendum (LB36-6-22)
Seller Listing Contract (LC50-6-22)
Seller’s Property Disclosure-Commercial (SPD19C-6-22)
Seller’s Property Disclosure-Land (SPD19L-6-22)
Seller’s Property Disclosure-Residential (SPD19-6-22)
Tenant Listing Contract (ETC59-6-22)

Reference website:

Last Chance – FlōPlan Fall Special S2G1

Scan Your Listings and Earn Free Floor Plans
This special ends soon, don’t miss out. Now through October 9th, 2022, we are giving you one FREE floor plan for every two floor plans you create using the FlōPlan App.

Scan all of your listings to maximize your reward! Your free scans will be applied to your account at the end of the offer period.

Lower Prices and Easy-To-Use App

The IRES / FlōPlan partnership offers IRES subscribers a discount off the retail price reducing costs from $35 to $12 per scan. The FlōPlan app is a simple platform that is easy to use, can be downloaded from any smartphone, and used anywhere!

Scan Two Properties, Get A Free Floor Plan

All you need to do is scan the property and link the floor plan directly to your listings using the FlōPlan App. No other action is required!

There is no limit to this offer so be sure to scan all of your listings and maximize your reward! Free floor plans will be automatically credited to your account once the contest has ended after October 9th. You will receive an email when your free floor plans have been credited to your account after the promotional period.

Happy Scanning!

Happy Scanning!

Learn More About FloPlan:

Update to Syndication Settings on Listings

Thanks to a strong partnership and data share agreement, more listing data is available to consumers and brokers across Colorado.

In August of 2021, (REcolorado’s public facing website) became a syndication option for IRES listings. Listing brokers were given a “Yes/No” choice to have their listings displayed on

On September 21st, 2022, IRES will be updating those listings where no choice was selected to “Yes.” This means listings which previously did not have a “Yes” or “No” to syndicate the listing to, will now default to “Yes.”

This will not impact listings in offices that the managing broker has selected “No” overall to any syndication to

Earn Free Floor Plans Today

Yes, you read that correctly – FREE floor plans!

Now through October 9th, you get a FREE floor plan for every 2 you scan!

The FlōPlan System integrates directly with IRES. This means that you can link floor plans to your listings with a push of a button from the FlōPlan App. To create a floor plan, all you need is your smartphone and a quick walkthrough of your listing.

Have you been scanning your listings with the FlōPlan App? If not, you’re missing out on FREE floor plans.

Scan all of your listings now through October 9th to take advantage of this promotion! 

Happy Scanning!

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