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Nation: NAR Stops Patent Troll

In June, NAR filed a lawsuit against Data Distribution Technologies, LLC (DDT) requesting that its patent on a “Web-updated database with record distribution by email” be declared invalid and unenforceable by a U.S. District Court. DDT is a subsidiary of patent monetization firm General Patent Corporation. DDT holds a single patent and secures revenue by suing… Continue reading Nation: NAR Stops Patent Troll


Live Maps On ColoProperty

Live mapping is now on®!  Interested buyers can now click and drag to find properties while the map automatically loads listings in that area. Nearby listings display automatically, giving consumers additional options very close to the location they selected. And, the Near Me arrow zooms the map to their current location and displays homes… Continue reading Live Maps On ColoProperty


Are you Green Yet?

March is the month to be green - in more ways than one.  How would you like to sell properties faster and at a premium?    Or you could be green with envy.  Multiple studies have shown that “green” homes sell for  8%-10% more, and in less time than the average home.   Fortunately, IRES provides tools… Continue reading Are you Green Yet?