Outshine With InfoSparks

InfoSparks creates dynamic statistics for any location you need including city, zip code, county or map shape. Choose your criteria then quickly create 12 different reports covering a broad range of needs. The reports included are all encompassing:  New Listings, Actives, Under Contract, Sales, Days on Market… Months Supply, Median or Average Sales Price, PercentageContinue reading “Outshine With InfoSparks”

IRES MLS Recent Rules & Regs Update

Ensuring cooperation and compensation between brokers is perhaps the most important role of the MLS. We know that holding all listings and subscribers to the same standards, in an impartial way, is the only way to keep MLS data accurate and timely for the benefit of all. With that in mind, IRES periodically reviews ourContinue reading “IRES MLS Recent Rules & Regs Update”

Update to IRES Subscribers December 22, 2017

We wanted to update our customers before the end of the year regarding the merger discussions between IRES and REcolorado. You may recall we were targeting the end of the year to finalize and sign the merger documents, and although progress continues, merger documents are in the process of being reviewed by legal counsel forContinue reading “Update to IRES Subscribers December 22, 2017”

IRES & REcolorado Merger Agreement Questions & Answers

What is the next step for the REcolorado and IRES to merger to move forward? The next step is approval from Shareholder and Owner Boards.  Shareholders of REcolorado are Aurora Association of REALTORS®, Denver Metro Association of REALTORS®, and South Metro Denver REALTOR® Association. The owners of IRES Boulder Area REALTOR® Association, Fort Collins Board ofContinue reading “IRES & REcolorado Merger Agreement Questions & Answers”

IRES & REcolorado Sign Binding Merger Agreement

Approval from Shareholder Boards is Next Step to Form One MLS for Denver and Northern Colorado IRES and REcolorado have taken another step toward creating a single MLS that will serve 26,000 real estate professionals in northern Colorado and the greater Denver Metro Area. Lauren Hansen, CEO of IRES, and Kirby Slunaker, president and CEOContinue reading “IRES & REcolorado Sign Binding Merger Agreement”

Upload A DocuSigned Offer To CTM

If you use DocuSign, have you ever had difficulty making or receiving an offer from a broker who uses CTM eContracts?  We heard your pleas for help and reached out to CTM to see if we could find a solution.  Thanks to great teamwork between the two companies, we did! We know many of youContinue reading “Upload A DocuSigned Offer To CTM”

Best Kept IRESis Secrets

In a system the size and breadth of IRESis.com there are always secret features you haven’t discovered yet. Let’s uncover a few of the amazing tips that make brokers say, “Oh, wow, I wish I’d known that before!” Default Search Criteria: Always search for Residential properties or within a certain location? On any search screen,Continue reading “Best Kept IRESis Secrets”

IRES Update: Sept 15th, 2017

We are glad to announce, IRES and REcolorado have moved one step closer to merging. The two organizations have successfully negotiated the terms and conditions of a merger and both have signed a non-binding memo-of-understanding (MOU.)  Leadership from both organizations, as well as representatives from the IRES and REcolorado shareholder organizations, will continue to work togetherContinue reading “IRES Update: Sept 15th, 2017”

Making The Market Work™

We take for granted many wonderful things each day. Imagine what your life would be like if you didn’t have clean water, indoor plumbing, and electricity. Those are everyday miracles. Did you know that the MLS system is unique in the world?  It’s a foreign concept outside North America.  But here it provides the confidence,Continue reading “Making The Market Work™”