Metro District Field Expansion

New, Required Metro District Fields Added to Listing Entry In an effort to provide more transparency and value to the Metro District section of IRES MLS listings, four new fields (one of which is required) will appear when “In Metro District?” has “Yes” selected on listing entry beginning the evening of 01/26/2022. New Fields FoundContinue reading “Metro District Field Expansion”

Regional Government Affairs Update January 25, 2022 ❄

In the aftermath of the horrific Marshall fire, the BOLO REALTORS® put together a fabulous panel discussion on how to assist the fire victims. The panelists also spoke about how real estate agents can help clients prepare for future disasters.

Buyer Agency/Transaction Broker Compensation Added to®

NAR MLS Policy Statement 8.8, Display of Listing Broker’s Offer of Compensation Implemented In compliance with the NAR MLS Policy 8.8,® now displays Buyer Agency and Transaction Broker compensation on listing details. It is important to note that the compensation information displayed on listing details is only applicable to other participants and subscribers ofContinue reading “Buyer Agency/Transaction Broker Compensation Added to®”

NAR Summary of 2022 MLS Changes

Reprinting from Summary highlights changes in NAR MLS policy adopted in 2021, including changes to the Model MLS Rules and Regulations, and changes to the MLS Policy Statements, both found in the 2022 Handbook on Multiple Listing Policy. Shaded portions of the Handbook highlight all areas that have changed. All changes become effective January 1, 2022,Continue reading “NAR Summary of 2022 MLS Changes”

Regional Government Affairs Update January 12, 2022 ⛄

Although short, this issue includes topics that should be of interest to any real estate professional — rebuilding after a disaster, occupancy and one of my personal favorites, involuntary historic designations. To learn more, keep reading.

IRES Matters | Episode 14

Throughout the years Northern Colorado’s Real Estate community has been familiar with Lauren Hansen as a forward thinking leader with the ability to pilot ever-changing waters gracefully. While innovation & a deep commitment to customer service have been central to her personal brand as CEO, there is a third pillar that is less well-known. Humor. In this episode we look back at some of the strange, funny, and surprising stories from over the course of her career. Grab a cup of coffee and laugh with us!

Regional Government Affairs Update December 16, 2021 🌲

It is the holiday season and local elected officials are giving us a gift by avoiding weighty or controversial issues during the season between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Enjoy it while it lasts, because things always become busy by mid-January. And just because this update is short, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some interesting topics.Continue reading “Regional Government Affairs Update December 16, 2021 🌲”

2021 Year in Review

Since 1996, IRES MLS has provided MLS services to real estate professionals like you through changing market conditions, technology advancements, and more.  Together, we work hard to build our industry as well as our communities. Your success is our success as we celebrate another year of accomplishment in the unique circumstances the current times haveContinue reading “2021 Year in Review”

View MySite Collections Without The Login

This is one present you won’t be regifting this year! You can now view MySite collections without the login!     While we haven’t removed the requirement of passwords altogether, we have made it easier to view your client’s collections without the need to login to their MySite.   Another neat feature is inside the MySiteContinue reading “View MySite Collections Without The Login”

Estimated Value Section Available on Realist Public Records Property Reports

You asked, and we delivered!  Realist Public Records now has an Estimated Value section available on property reports.  This section will include RealAVM™, RealAVM™ Range, Confidence Score, and Forecast Standard Deviation. RealAVM At-A-Glance RealAVM estimates a residential property’s market value at a specific point in time. These model estimates are subject to error, so AVMContinue reading “Estimated Value Section Available on Realist Public Records Property Reports”