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Any Colorado real estate agent can purchase the online Contracts system. All Colorado Real Estate Commission forms are included, plus additional worksheets. At no extra cost, templates can be created for standard contract language, office clauses can be inserted with the click of a button, the Date Helper quickly calculates Dates and Deadlines, and branding can be added. IRES  listing information is integrated. Create forms online, then print, email or send for esignature via DocuSign® (at extra cost).

NOTE: If you are a full IRES subscriber, this Contracts system is already included in your IRES fees. Access it under the Contacts+ menu in

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IRES Contracts Testimonial
IRES Contracts Testimonial

Contracts Only Subscription

Contracts are automatically included in your IRES MLS Subscription at no additional cost. Licensed real estate agents who would like to utilize the easy to use IRES Contracts module may become a Contracts Customer for a one-time set up fee of $30.  There is no monthly or annual renewal fee.

If you would like to give it a test drive, try the entire IRES MLS System including Contracts for 14 days FREE!

Note: The Trial version does not include Add/Edit functions or Contract Branding.

  • Core Benefits

    The Core Benefits available help to create contracts efficiently and economically. These services are included in a subscription.

  • Integration

    Integrate listing and client information to increase accuracy and reduce manual entry.

  • PDF Creation

    Create PDF files without any worry of alteration.

  • Customizable Branding

    Brokers can customize branding or create custom clauses (with Managing Broker approval).

  • Template Creation

    Create templates for consistency and to be used over and over again.

  • Default Settings

    Establish default settings for font color or display of empty fields.

  • Reporting

    Access Agent Transaction Reports (available to Managing Brokers only) to display client/contact names, transactions and contracts that have been created within a specific date range.

  • Single Entry Point

    Enter the information as if the paper form was right in front of you by using the Full Text tab.

  • Date Helper

    The Date Helper assists in the completion of contracts by quickly calculating the Dates and Deadlines section.

  • Financial Helper

    The Financial Helper calculates the Cash at Closing and the Loan Payment Amount with the click of a button.

  • Mimic

    “Mimic” access allows team members or staff to access your contracts, with your permission, without compromising the security of your IRESis account.

  • Automatic DORA Updates

    When DORA issues new contracts and forms, IRESis Contracts update at no additional cost.

Customer Service and Perks

All Contracts applications that are received prior to 3PM will be processed the same business day!

Training Classes Available

Online Help, Videos, and Tutorials available online, 24 hours/day
Ask the IRES staff anytime for assistance, Monday-Friday, 8 am- 5pm: 800-596-4901. We are happy to help you get started:

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Related Products integration gives brokers the tools they need to go paperless, obtain e-signatures or obtain superior Transaction Management. These services are provided for an additional cost, and are not included in the IRESis Contracts subscription or IRESis MLS subscription.


DocuSign® for IRES offers a complete electronic signatures package. Send, sign and manage your contracts faster while saving a tree at the same time! Visit the “View Tutorials” section on the Start Screen for more details.