Top 10 Tips for Real Estate Agent Information Security

Matt Cohen, Clareity Consulting’s Chief Technologist, presented an excellent Real Estate Security seminar for IRES subscribers last week. Below is a great synopsis of his presentation. He suggested you pick a few points and slowly work on security to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Every year there are information security breaches that have a real cost to realContinue reading “Top 10 Tips for Real Estate Agent Information Security”

Insurance Binding Restricted Due to Colorado Wildfires

All binding authority is automatically suspended by insurance companies during times of an impending disaster and during times of disaster. Examples of disasters that cause automatic suspension are: wildfire, hail, tornado, hurricane, riot, civil commotion, or earthquake. In this instance, the burning of wildfires located throughout Colorado has been determined as a cause to immediatelyContinue reading “Insurance Binding Restricted Due to Colorado Wildfires”

Boulder County Commissioners Consider Sustainability Tax

A poll was commissioned by Boulder County to test voter support for some type of tax to fund sustainability measures. Respondents were asked if they would support either a property or a sales tax increase that would fund programs such as EnergySmart’s energy-efficiency retrofits to homes and businesses; home weatherization programs for low-income families; “infrastructureContinue reading “Boulder County Commissioners Consider Sustainability Tax”