IDX FAQ for Vendors

How do I become an IDX vendor?

In order to be considered as an IDX vendor the required Database Access License Agreement will need to be completed through Bridge Interactive, the platform used for Web API data access. For an invite to the Bridge platform, please reach out to our data delivery team.

You are required to have at least one IRES MLS subscribing broker requesting the data feed.  Once the agreement is received it will be reviewed by leadership for approval.  If approved, you will be billed and once the payment is received, you will receive access to the data via Bridge Web API.

Please contact IRES for details, the fee structure, and a Bridge platform invite.

What is the fee to become a vendor?

There is a $225 initiation fee and $60 per quarter for the data feed. Each additional URL is $60 per quarter as well.  Other fee structures are available for sub-domains.  Please contact us for more details on sub-domain fee structures.

Can you bill the agent instead of the vendor?

The data feed must be set up through the third party vendor/web developer and for that reason the billing is required to go directly to the vendor.  Unfortunately, we are unable to bill a broker instead of a vendor.

Is IDX the only type of feed you offer?

While IDX is our most popular download, we also offer Back Office, VOW (Virtual Office Website) and AVM (Automated Valuation Model) feeds.  Contact us for more information and to discuss your specific request!

What type of download do you use for your feeds?

We offer Web API through Bridge Interactive as our RESO Data Dictionary certified data delivery mechanism. 

While we don’t offer RETS delivery for new vendors, there are some grandfathered vendors that are currently still receiving access via RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard). RETS facilitates and standardizes data transfer between partners in the real estate industry.  Please know the RETS feeds will be phased out in 2022 as we fully transition over to Web API.

Do you have any data restrictions on your downloads?

We do not allow excessive download activity from our RETS feeds (anything above 1GB of listing data downloaded daily and anything above 10K daily requests.)  We do have some recommendations to make sure you keep your download size down and avoid interruption in your feed:

  • PROP_PHOTO should only be queried incrementally or by MLSNumber
  • OPENHOUSE searches should be performed incrementally using the ModificationTimestamp field; OR queried much less frequently with a BeginDateTime and  EndDateTime search criteria
  • AGENT and OFFICE resources should be fetched incrementally, with no more than 1 full pull per day

Who do I contact for more information?

Contact our Data Feed department!

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