Update To All IRES Subscribers

At the request of the 8 association presidents/chairs, a meeting was held last Thursday, May 25th.  In attendance, were the presidents/chairs of the shareholder/participating associations, the chair of the Pikes Peak Association (they are not involved yet, but considering), the CEOs of both IRES and REColorado, and the chairs of both MLS board of directors.Continue reading “Update To All IRES Subscribers”

FREE from IRES: Sentrilock’s Mobile App

      Sentrilock’s new mobile app “SentriSmart” is now available to you at NO ADDITIONAL COST (usually $24.99/Year), courtsey of IRES! Open Lockboxes with your Smartphone or Tablet Generate One Day Codes on your phone View Access Log Assign or Remove a lockbox from properties View the intro video of this handy app andContinue reading “FREE from IRES: Sentrilock’s Mobile App”

Live Maps On ColoProperty

Live mapping is now on ColoProperty.com®!  Interested buyers can now click and drag to find properties while the map automatically loads listings in that area. Nearby listings display automatically, giving consumers additional options very close to the location they selected. And, the Near Me arrow zooms the map to their current location and displays homesContinue reading “Live Maps On ColoProperty”

Building Up New Homes On IRESis

IRES partnered with New Home Source to help YOU. Typically, agents do not have the tools to effectively meet new home buyer needs. That’s a shame since 18% of home shoppers prefer new homes and 37% would consider one. Plus, new home prices exceed resale homes by 46%. So, new homes are a win-win. Chosen byContinue reading “Building Up New Homes On IRESis”

2013 Holiday Wrap Up

Happy Holidays from IRES! Can you believe 2013 is almost over? At the beginning of this year we challenged you to learn ONE new IRESis function. We highlighted the Cream of the Crop: IRESis Contracts, DocuSign, Prospects, CloudCMA, Realist, and the ColoProperty Hit Report. Did you embrace the challenge? If none of those struck your fancy, weContinue reading “2013 Holiday Wrap Up”

Economic Forecast: Flood Colorado With Love

Economist Elliot Eisenberg is coming to Northern Colorado for a benefit to assist victims of the September floods. Eisenberg is an amazingly gifted public speaker that specializes in making the arcana and minutia of economics fun, relevant and educational. He typically speaks about economic forecasts, economic impact of homebuilding, consequences of government and other currentContinue reading “Economic Forecast: Flood Colorado With Love”

Are you Green Yet?

March is the month to be green – in more ways than one.  How would you like to sell properties faster and at a premium?    Or you could be green with envy.  Multiple studies have shown that “green” homes sell for  8%-10% more, and in less time than the average home.   Fortunately, IRES provides toolsContinue reading “Are you Green Yet?”

Bike and Walking Trails on Google Maps

Many buyers want to live near one of the many beautiful trails in the Northern Colorado area.  We are known nationwide for our lovely, well kept, and easily accessed hiking and biking trails. How can you tell if a property is a near a trail on IRESis? Or better yet, how can your clients seeContinue reading “Bike and Walking Trails on Google Maps”