Information for Data Consumers

New Data Downloader Requests

  • Data Feeds are offered through Web API via Bridge Interactive.  You can send your request through Bridge with the agreement or send us the email address you would like the invite sent to. 
  • Compliance requirements can be reviewed here.
  • Our Data Feed pricing structure can be viewed here.
  • Once you are approved in Bridge as a new vendor, the IRES MLS subscriber requesting your services will need to submit a broker authorization request through Bridge Interactive. You can provide them with these instructions to complete that step.

Single Source Data Feeds

IRES MLS is excited to offer single source data feeds to data downloaders who offer multiple services to their consumers.

Bridge has a feature that enables us to provide a data feed that is a true combination of the various feed types you receive and includes a field and resource which allows you to code and map right from the Bridge field.

From the property resource, there is a FeedTypes field that will display the feed types that are approved for the usage of that particular listing.  Please know, this will only show for those Bridge One Source feeds, other feeds will show null values in this field.

There is a resource, titled FieldRules which will display the allowed usage for each resource item within that listing.

More information is available in the Bridge Interactive developer documentation.

Additional Resources

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