Matt Makowski One Stop Realty, Lafayette, Colorado
Matt Makowski
One Stop Realty Inc
Lafayette, CO

As a 25 year user of your system I am amazed at the constant innovation that occurs. You are the best!

I know that our system is the best in the country. You all do a marvelous job. Thank you.

Mary Siefert
Mary Siefert
Fourstar Realty &
Property Mgmt

Thank you so much! I have been an IRES member since 2006 and am 100% satisfied with the service and product you provide me.

Josh Hunter
Longmont Realty
Longmont, CO

I have to say I LOVE the IRES platform and you cannot beat free time!

Pay your dues every three months and don’t worry about the rest! You can even get Metrolist listings from IRES.

Dean Semelbauer
Gerretson Realty
Denver, CO

Just had to let you know that I started my real estate career using PPAR’s MLS system and then moved to Metrolist.

Your system is so unbelievably user friendly and intuitive that I can’t believe it. It’s just so easy to use!

Jeannie Hamilton
ERA Tradewind Real Estate
Boulder, CO

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for an OUTSTANDING MLS system.

You continue to add value to our membership not to mention I think you stand HEAD AND SHOULDERS above the crowd with leading edge benefits and technology.

Ron Erbes
Karlen Realty
Loveland, CO

If I had to vote for one company along the Front Range, it would clearly be IRES! The strongest attribute of IRES is its user friendliness! The IRESis system is all encompassing and provides me with excellent tools. The first thing I do in the morning is check my email. The second is logging in to IRES, where I spend most of my morning finding the information I need.

Sue Viney
Sue Viney
Infinity Group Realty
Fort Collins, CO

I LOVE my IRES! After 13 years working in the computer industry, I think it’s the BEST designed & supported software I’ve ever used. You’ve been able to anticipate everything I could possibly want. You take REALTOR’s suggestions and constantly & proactively update the software. The support is immediate and effective…Always a happy, helpful voice on the other end of that phone. Keep up the good work!

Brett Pavel
Brett Pavel Group, Inc.
Fort Collins, CO

Thank you for maintaining the best MLS data system in the country. I know because I’ve seen plenty of other systems around the nation.

I would have a hard time changing markets for that reason alone!

Ron Lampo
Lampo Realty, Inc
Broomfield, CO

I am a huge IRES fan. Part of why I like IRES is because you take care of me and the other part is that your data is generally clean.

The customer service is great but your true product for me is the data. If I can get the clean data I need, my job is much easier.

Rob Proctor
At Home Realtors
Loveland, CO

IRES is #1 in my book….

I have had other MLS accounts in the past and found IRES to be superior.

Karlynn M Spreder
Colorado Landmark Realtors
Niwot, CO

Seriously, every time I turn around you make an enhancement I didn’t know I needed! I love the new ‘history’ option where it shows all the MLS history for the property. Great job!

Dave Wagner
Dave Wagner
ERA Tradewind Real Estate LLC
Longmont, CO

You guys are the best. I just listened to Lauren for an hour and I told her I was dizzy with what you guys do for us. AMAZING. I was looking for the rings under her eyes as surely SOMEONE is laying awake at night what ‘if-ing’ and of the possibilities.

Rex Fuller COREXRE Real Estate Longmont, CO
Rex Fuller
COREXRE Real Estate
Longmont, CO

I am a relatively new user of IRES – for 2 1/2 years now. I have used other MLS services around the country, most recently in California. I have to say …… I have never used a more comprehensive and fast system than I have with IRES. Your broadness in all the various aspects of Real Estate and in locating properties, as well as being able to quickly research public records, property history, etc, has impressed me from the beginning. And now that I am starting to navigate my way through the many tabs and other RE features available ….. the more I am realizing the tremendous power of this service / system in total.

Jim Kannianen
RE/MAX Northwest
Westminster, CO

…Your whole organization always has excellent, well organized classes. I always learn something valuable. A quick story for you with a marketing lesson. Last winter I was working with a young couple They were listed with MySite which we used to find a house. We wrote an offer (short sale) in April. MySite expired the end of May. The offer was terminated a week ago. My client asked me to reinstate MySite asking by name. I was surprised he remembered the name MySite until I got into his account and realized he and his girlfriend had looked at over 1,300 houses in the months prior to the offer. No wonder it was imprinted on his brain. Thanks for providing a service that kept me in touch with my buyer and saved me so much work.

Doug Dodds
Doug Dodds
RE/MAX Alliance
Fort Collins, CO

I want you to know that IRES is one of the most remarkable companies I have ever had the pleasure with which to associate. I don’t know how you do it. Continued, subtle, innovation that makes everything easy and understandable is your hallmark. And, EVERYTHING works. No excuses because EVERYTHING works.

Your support is immediate, comprehensive and driven by understanding of your customer—they’re RE brokers, not IT professionals. You’re a model to innovative businesses everywhere.

Thank you!

Harley L Fisher
Fisher Realty
Denver, CO

No one can beat your service. Whenever you or one of your staff help you are kind, patient, very helpful, seem happy and a joy to work with. I am grateful for your kindness and help that you give every time I call.

person avatar
Boulder, CO

Just wanted to drop you a note to say “thanks”.
I have enjoyed taking your classes and have found the classes to be very informative and you do a wonderful job of explaining to those that are computer challenged…ME! Thanks for your patience and I am amazed how quick the class yesterday passed.

Al Permut
Boulder Valley Realty
Boulder, CO

Thank you for making it possible to get rid of duplicate listings. I know I and many others have wanted this for a long time, and you told us it was hard to do. Well — You’ve done it! Thank you for listening and being so responsive. IRESis just keeps getting better all the time. You are an amazing MLS!

Marian Maggi
RE/MAX Town & Country
Berthoud, CO

You guys must be inundated with kudos about the new MySite! It is awesome! Thanks so much! You need to add a category called ‘Kudos’ because you guys are so darned cool! I just listened to the video regarding the 7/29 enhancements, and what a great way to deliver that info–I’m going to suggest that our agents always listen to those short videos to keep on top of what’s new! Thanks so much.

April Neuhaus
Porch Light Real Estate
Berthoud, CO

I LOVE CLOUDCMA! Thank you SO much – this has made pulling together an impressive CMA with fantastic supporting pages SO easy! I am using it for a listing presentation this weekend! Thank you again!

Keith Baruch
Metro Brokers / Baruch Realty
Lakewood, CO

….you rock..,
I just set up a new prospect and we can now put in the garage type…that is soooo exciting…

thanks for the continuous improvements.

Jeannine DiGuglielmo
1st American Properties LLC
Loveland, CO

You guys are AMAZING!! I just saw the information on the startup screen about keeping track and easily viewing the MySite activity!! TOO COOL!!!

Dean Semelbauer
Linkpoint Properties, LLC
Denver, CO

I absolutely love CloudCMA! As usual, IRES has come through with flying colors. Not only is CloudCMA extremely intuitive and easy to use, but it produces a very professional report. I really like how some of the report, i.e.-letter to seller, is customizable. This makes my job so much easier when I go on a listing appointment. As always, IRES has gone above and beyond!

Sarah Bennett
RE/MAX Advanced Inc.
Fort Collins, CO

I really like the ColoProperty Usage report. I have used it with several sellers to track online viewing activity to compare to actual showing activity. It has also been an amazing reference to follow activity when ads are running.

person avatar
Dirk Campbell
Campbell Valuation Service
Loveland, CO

Thank you and your support staff for all their good work, I am using the new 1004MC export file and it is working great.

Peggy Lynch
RE/MAX Mountain Brokers
Estes Park, CO

DocuSign is the best idea ever! A client that lived on a boat closed by going close to port. I can’t wait for SureClose. You guys are the best!

Zach Zaleski
Paladium Appraisals
Highlands Ranch, CO

I really enjoy IRES and am impressed with what appears to be a seamless integration of Metrolist information.

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