Nation: VA Reconsiders Limits on Fees

On April 13, 2017, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) released an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking regarding revisions to allowable charges and fees associated with VA guaranteed home loans. In recent years, the VA has received complaints from veterans and other stakeholders, including REALTORS®, that restrictions on the charges and fees VA Loan borrowersContinue reading “Nation: VA Reconsiders Limits on Fees”

Boulder: Council Increases Housing Linkage Fee

Earlier this month the Boulder City Council voted to increase the affordable housing linkage fee for new developments. The linkage fee, which charges new commercial developments to offset their impact on the City’s housing market, was first implemented in 2011. The per square foot fee varies depending on the type of business. Staff and consultantsContinue reading “Boulder: Council Increases Housing Linkage Fee”

NAR Comments On 2016 Home Price Index

On July 27, 2015, NAR President Chris Polychron submitted comments regarding changes to the national loan limit price index in response to a Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) request.  The national limit determines the individual loan limits available under the GSEs and FHA and VA loan programs. NAR recommends a multifaceted methodology that accurately reflectsContinue reading “NAR Comments On 2016 Home Price Index”

Larimer County Considers Code Regulations for Victims of High Park Fire

The County Commissioners and Planning Commission took the first step in adopting measures to make the process of rebuilding easier for property owners impacted by the High Park fire. They passed a resolution that will allow rebuilding without payment of impact fees and allow the use of temporary housing (RVs, etc.), which would normally beContinue reading “Larimer County Considers Code Regulations for Victims of High Park Fire”

City of Boulder to Consider New Fire Codes for “Interface” Areas

According to the Boulder Daily Camera, later this year the Boulder City Council will consider adopting regulations for the wildland-urban interface — city neighborhoods that abut open space — that will address everything from building materials to vegetation near homes. More than 70,000 communities across the United States lie in the wildland-urban interface, and someContinue reading “City of Boulder to Consider New Fire Codes for “Interface” Areas”