IRES Offers the Lockbox Technology Brokers and Homeowners Want: SentriLock



In recent years, the use of technology has made real estate transactions more efficient, forever altering the way agents and brokers do their jobs. Despite significant advances in technology propelling the real estate industry into the future, many REALTORS® still resist new technologies, sticking with what “works,” and it could be putting their clients at risk. A recent outbreak of home burglaries across Colorado may be a direct result of a resistance to advanced technology by area REALTORS® — electronic lockboxes.

Unfortunately, a “for sale” sign can invite burglars and scammers. By posing as potential buyers, burglars are watching real estate professionals open old-fashioned, combination lockboxes and identifying valuables in every room before coming back to burglarize homes.

Rather than cancelling showings and taking homes off the market, homeowners are increasingly demanding solutions that protect their home, valuables and family during the home sales process. Enter SentriLock.

Utilizing SentriLock with IRES

SentriLock is offered to IRES subscribers and their staff, and it is subscription-based at a cost of $9.95/month. IRES subscribers and their staff receive free access to the SentriLock application, a savings of about $25 annually. Lockboxes can be purchased for $99 plus tax. Other miscellaneous equipment (card readers, batteries, etc.) can be picked up at IRES as well.

In fact, we have integrated one-day codes into IRESis, allowing Showings System  users to find the integration when adding/editing a showing and show a home more easily. Subscribers who do not use the IRESis Showings System can still issue one-day codes in IRESis. This option is located under the “Showings” tab in IRESis. Because of the custom integration, agents and staff can set up one-day codes for non-SentriLock subscribers directly from IRESis, rather than logging into the SentriLock site.

Additionally, IRES subscribers can use their lockboxes and subscriptions in surrounding areas as we have a reciprocal relationship with the Denver Metro area to the south and the Cheyenne area to the north. IRES also offers a $20 discount for subscribers exchanging old SentriLock lockboxes for the newest version, and there’s no limit on the number of lockboxes exchanged.

The Benefits of Smart Lockbox Technology

The SentriLock Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockbox delivers features that make showing and selling properties safer and more efficient. The newest version of the SentriLock lockboxes includes Bluetooth compatibility, external power ports, battery enhancements and is more weather resistant than previous versions.

With the SentriSmart™ Mobile App, users can open lockboxes from their smartphone or tablet and receive instant showing notifications in real time, ensuring agents never miss a showing. The system allows professionals to monitor access logs whenever they want from wherever they want, which is vital to protecting your client’s investment. Additionally, the system’s one-day codes are a great way to provide secure access to lockboxes for those who may not have a key, including contractors, appraisers, locked-out homeowners and out-of-area agents.

The SentriSmart™ Mobile App also includes an Agent Safety feature that allows  REALTORS® to alert emergency contacts in the case of an unexpected or potentially dangerous situation. Just use the app to open your lockbox and it will automatically alert your designated emergency contacts when you do not or cannot confirm your safety.

If you are interested in learning more about SentriLock please reach out!


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