Ensuring a future of MLS collaboration and hallmark service

Ensuring a future of MLS collaboration and hallmark service
By Lauren Hansen, CEO of IRES

lauren hansenDuring my tenure with Information and Real Estate Services (IRES), our growth has been exponential: we have more than tripled in size, our regional footprint stretches from Denver to the Wyoming border and we have grown from five associations to seven.

How did we do this? By providing exceptional products and services to brokers and REALTORS®.

Rather than using a national MLS vendor, we stepped up our game to develop our own custom system in response to the needs of real estate professionals across the state and to meet consumer demand. IRES created solid integration services while maintaining a low cost for subscribers. We knew it was important to control our own destiny, so we enlisted our own development team — we are essentially our own custom builder.

The IRES MLS database, IRESis, currently provides extensive property listing and sales information to more than 7,000 brokers, appraisers and their support staff along the Front Range of Colorado. As a company we’ve embraced innovation to improve our services to our customers. Additionally, ColoProperty.com (we launched in 1998) features brokers and their listings directly to the public. The website displays detailed listing information, multiple photos, maps and virtual tours to thousands of unique visitors each day.

Now, as technology and real estate services in Colorado evolve and grow, a new wave of leadership is emerging. I’m excited to work with these individuals to continue to shape the future of real estate in our Centennial State. At this juncture, it is very important to be transparent about the exciting opportunities ahead in our industry and the agreement reached with our Board of Managers.

I have signed a two-year contract to remain with our team, providing leadership and the institutional knowledge necessary to create a solid plan for succession to move IRES forward. This agreement was reached in light of my passion for IRES, those we serve and their clients.

It has been a privilege to dedicate nearly 40 years of my professional life to the real estate sector. As an industry, we now have an exciting opportunity to creatively collaborate on new solutions aimed at better serving our subscribers and their customers — Colorado home buyers and sellers — and I’m excited to do precisely that.

I am thankful for the support of the dedicated IRES staff, developer team, our Board of Managers and the brokers who have all made the IRES MLS what it is today.

12 thoughts on “Ensuring a future of MLS collaboration and hallmark service

  1. You have been a champion for us at IRES, so thank you very much. I hope you have garnered great job satisfaction during the process.

  2. If “the proof of the pudding is in the tasting”, as the chef, you have overseen the creation of a master piece.To continue to have your balanced and considered hand on the tiller is a blessing for all IRES subscribers. Thank you for your dedication and passion!

    1. Wow – thanks, Paul! I am privileged on so many levels -with the leadership IRES has enjoyed, our crack customer service team, and the programming wizards who make the system tick.

  3. Thank Lauren for all that you have done. All of at Niwot Real Estate have appreciated everything you have done for the Realtors in Northern Colorado.

  4. Lauren, I remember that on Day One of IRES I was a Mac user and had to use Virtual PC to make it work – I was not a fan @$%)*! But that was long ago, today I can’t imagine a better MLS and an overwhelming reason for that is what you – and those you’ve attracted – have brought to the table. Thank You!

    1. Oh, I remember that too – and lots more. How about the floppy you had to install to see photos? PhotoCom! Perhaps that’s before your time? And now I’m feeling my age. 🙂

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