Cart Management with IRES MLS

Carts Baby Boss

Quickly and easily manage your Listing Carts with Carts Manager.  With two ways to navigate to the new feature, from the Start Screen or under the Search menu, you now have a dedicated place to access all your Listing Carts.

Have you been collecting Carts since you got in the business?  Do you create Carts for every showing appointment you schedule? Cleaning up Carts has never been easier.  You can pare down your Carts list by sorting on your column headers to see your Carts by create date, last update date, name, listing count, or Cart name.  You can select multiple Carts to delete or delete individually.  Use caution, though!  Deletes can’t be undone.

Not interested in deleting the Cart but wish you could rename it?  Well, that’s a reality with new Carts Manager!  You’ll be prompted if you try to use the same name more than once, so no duplicates or overlaps!

Our fabulous new Card View for listings isn’t just limited to My Listings anymore.  Access our new Listing Details page for a fresh, modern feel.  (Spoiler Alert:  You’ll be seeing this in Listing Search and Search Results in the not so distant future!)  Because the tool is designed to be mobile-friendly, you can copy Listing Link from desktop view and quickly text to your clients.   Listing link is automatically branded to you, as well!

You can work in more than one Cart without losing your place!  Just click on up to 10 Carts.  Each Cart opens in its own tab at the top of the page. We’ve added the ability to write a contract directly from the Listing, too.

Take some time to get to know your Carts in a whole new way with Carts Manager.  Find it all at!

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