The Secret to Capturing & Keeping Leads


Did you know® has sent over 3700 FREE listing leads in the past 12 months?  That’s right!  Over 3700 listing leads!  But what do you do once you receive the lead?  Here are some helpful tips to make the most out of all internet leads!

Make a Lasting Impression

Making a great first impression is such an important step in establishing a relationship with a new client.  What better way than following up on leads fast!  On®, you will receive a listing lead as soon as the consumer clicks a button.  Be sure to make time in your schedule to follow up on these leads on a regular basis. Here’s a tip:  Set up a calendar reminder to incorporate lead follow-up as part of your daily routine.

Persistence Pays Off

Now that you’ve made contact, how do you cultivate that lead?  Having patience is a virtue, especially in real estate.  Nurturing leads take time!  Following up one time may not do the trick, but reaching out in various ways and multiple times just might!  According to BoomTown, making contact on the first try is 30% successful.  This rises to 90% by the 6th call!

Once you have made contact with the consumer, what do you do?  Start building that relationship offline!  This can happen many ways.  It could start by a meet and greet at a coffee shop or a weekend of showings.  Whatever your approach is, get out there and take action!

Whether word of mouth or from the internet, leads have always been a critical component in real estate.  In this fast-paced Colorado market, capturing and keeping those leads is essential to a successful career in real estate.  Remember, time is of the essence.  Act fast and act often.

Delana (1)
From the desk of Delana Tjeerdsma
Marketing Specialist, IRES MLS

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