More to Celebrate in New Realist Than “No Flash Required”

Did you know the new 2020 Realist is available in IRESis, under Search – Realist Beta?  We encourage you to check out the new features with the latest Realist release, as the old version of Realist will be going away later this year.  

The new features include:

Mobile Friendly – The new interface is mobile responsive, providing you with easy access on the go.

Sell Score Indicator – This graph, now included in the property details report, provides a rating on the likelihood of the property being listed for sale in the next 6 months.  In addition, the Sell Score is also a searchable field..

Sell Score Indicator

Results Count – The number of matches in this new View Results field will display a total count, a dynamic number that updates as your criteria is changed.  There is a 10,000 matches limit.  In addition, the number of maximum results has increased to 3,000 records which are displayed per 1,000.

Status Pins – Results are displayed on the map, in color coded pins.

  • Green = Active
  • Red = Sold
  • Yellow = Pending
  • Purple = Expired
  • Black = No associated listing activity

Cards View – Cards provide a quick display of 1 photo and key information for the property results.  The Card View and Table View icons can be used to switch between the 2 display options.  

Favorites – From the card view select the star on the property you wish to favorite.  Your favorites can be accessed at any time via the star icon in the upper right corner of Realist.

Favorites and Card View Illustration

The new Customize Table Menu offers options for displaying search results in the grid.

Compact Mode – This new option offers a reduced font size and results padding so you are able to view more results on the grid.  Select Compact Mode to toggle between Compact and Regular views.

Show Only Selected Rows – Choose this option if you wish to only display the selected properties in the results grid.  

Show/Hide Columns – This allows you to add, remove and rearrange fields displayed in the grid.

Show/Hide Columns or Selected Rows

Stay tuned for more upcoming features, including a Postcards option which will be added with the export, email and labels options.  Postcards integrates with HomeVisit to create professional marketing and mailing postcards.

Acacia Voynar is the Data and Software Analyst for IRES MLS.

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