What’s in the News? Lauren Hansen, IRES CEO, Featured as BizWest’s January Executive Profile

When Lauren Hansen of Niwot gives new real estate brokers orientations of the IRES database she helped create, she compares her presentation to the quick barking of a Pomeranian.

“It’s a lot to cover,” Hansen said. “I’m a motor mouth at everything we offer. I want them to be excited about everything available to them and what the subscription covers.”

Hansen is chief executive officer of IRES LLC, the regional Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, headquartered in Loveland, and CEO of RealGo Inc., the tech development company owned by IRES. RealGo manages the MLS database and inputs any changes or updates to IRES, acting as “our MLS system wizards” and “the programmers that make the magic happen,” she said… read more

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