ShowingTime and CSS News

ShowingTime and CSS

In case you haven’t heard, Centralized Showing Service is now part of ShowingTime.

The two companies bring together a combined 43 years of experience, and will be providing you with all the best features on a single platform.

Cutover On October 29th: The current CSS Appointment Center users will be updated to the ShowingTime Appointment Center on Tuesday October 29th.  This won’t change how you go about your day, but will provide a host of additional features to make your job easier.

Webinar Training:  The first web presentation will be held on October 16th at 10 AM. We know you’ll have some questions about the new functionality, which is why ShowingTime will be offering both on-site and online trainings that will allow you to explore the benefits of the ShowingTime Appointment Center.  Can’t make the 16th? Choose another date when registering.

In-Person Training: On Monday October 21st,  one-hour classes will be offered at the IRES office.   Registration is required!!!

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