Colorado: Transportation Advocacy Becoming (too) Popular?

Fix North I-25/Fix Colorado Roads has been pushing for a new bonding program to fund key transportation projects for three years. Now other groups have joined the chorus, but there is no consensus on the most realistic transportation funding solution. While more transportation advocacy is good, multiple groups with multiple messages creates confusion, reducing theContinue reading “Colorado: Transportation Advocacy Becoming (too) Popular?”

Larimer County: Commissioners Place Arts, Culture and Science Tax Measure on Ballot

Larimer County voters will determine the fate of a proposed tenth-of-a-percent sales tax to fund arts, culture and science in Larimer County this November. Almost 12,000 signatures were submitted to the Larimer County Clerk and Recorder in July to support the measure. The Larimer County Commission formally approved the measure for the November ballot. TheContinue reading “Larimer County: Commissioners Place Arts, Culture and Science Tax Measure on Ballot”

Longmont: Windy Gap Funding Survey

On August 9 the City Council decided to survey 3,0000 citizens to ask how the City should pay for Longmont’s share of Windy Gap water. There are multiple options available from paying cash to bonding. Each has its own set of pros and cons. The bonding option would be more expensive and requires a publicContinue reading “Longmont: Windy Gap Funding Survey”