Fees and Fines


How much is it going to cost?


How do I avoid penalties?


Initiation Fee:

For REALTORS® and their office staff ($225 for Non-REALTORS® and their office staff). Please note that the initiation fee and a minimum of one month subscription fee are due at initial sign up and/or reactivation, (if reactivation occurs 6 months or more after cancellation or waiver date.) Those who want to reinstate their IRES MLS subscription within 6 months of the date of cancellation or waiving may do so without paying the initiation fee.

Subscription Fees:

Per licensee, per month ($55 for non-REALTORS®). Fees are billed quarterly, via email, to each subscriber and are due on the 1st day of the second month of each quarter: February 1st, May 1st, August 1st and November 1st. An annual payment option is also available.

Statement and Payment Options

IRES MLS subscribers receive IRES statements via email or have the option to be set up with the convenience of automatic payments using EFT from a checking or savings account, or automatic credit card payments (Visa, Discover or MasterCard). Sign up for Automatic Payments on IRESis, on the MyInfo screen under the User Tab. Payments can also be processed online through iresis.com. At the first of each year, subscribers may, at their option, pay one annual fee equivalent to eleven months, receiving one month free. Watch for an announcement from IRES regarding this option at the beginning of each year. If exercised, the annual fee is due by February 1st and is non-refundable.

Listing Input by IRES
$20 per listing

For convenience and customer service, IRES will input listings on behalf of our subscribers. Every effort will be made to enter listing data on the same day received, as long as all necessary information and forms are received prior to 4 PM. After the listing is entered, it is promptly emailed to the listing office for confirmation of the information. A fee of $20 per listing will be charged, which is due upon receipt. (There is no charge for listings entered by brokers or their staff.)

Changes to Listings

There is no charge for listing changes input by IRES. Examples include status changes, price changes and corrections to existing listings. For the purposes of streamlining data entry for similar properties listed by the same office (e.g. several condo units), there is no charge to copy existing listings. Note: This function is available to IRES administrative staff only.

Transfer Fee

A transfer fee is assessed whenever a subscriber transfers from one office to another.


Password Sharing
$500 1st offense/$1000 2nd offense

Any IRES subscriber who shares their login name and password with an unregistered individual or entity is subject to a $500 fine. For any subsequent offense, the fine doubles.

Contact Information in the Comment Section
$50 per occurrence

Contact information of any kind (names, co-listing agent name, phone numbers, websites, 1-800 numbers) is not allowed in the Comments/Remarks section of an MLS listing.

Inaccurate Input
$50 per occurrence

a) Category – Choose the proper listing type (e.g. Residential) for your listing.
b) Duplicate Listings are NOT PERMITTED, but you may take advantage of Secondary Category for listings that may be marketed in more than one property type.

Fine for Tardy Input
$50 per occurrence

After receiving all necessary signatures, users are subject to a 3 business day maximum to enter new listings, status changes and price changes. Any data entered after the 3 business day limit is subject to the fine.

Late Fee
$50 per suspended individual

In addition, any past due fees that were not paid at the time of cancellation must be paid before an account can be reinstated.

Coming Soon Violation
$1,500 2nd offense/$2,500 3rd offense

Publicly marketed listings must be entered into the MLS within 1 business day from the marketed date.

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