Virtual Town Hall

Where Are We Going?

Set sail with IRES on July 8th at 10:00am – 11:30am with our Virtual Town Hall and national industry expert guest speakers!

Be informed. Be entertained. Be inspired.

July 8th

10:00 am

11:30 am

Where Are We Going: A Virtual Town Hall is a friendly and informative discussion focused on real-world industry topics and solutions. Each session offers a virtual town hall, an open forum for questions and answers with our group of industry experts.

Efficiently timed at ~1.5 hours with limited space. Be sure to register early to reserve your spot!

Our speakers will educate and inspire you on relevant subjects from economic status, national MLS updates to local real estate and tools to help you succeed in your own work environment. Enjoy a packed bundle of diverse and actionable insights for your real estate business!

Guest Speakers

Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D.

“The Bowtie Economist”

Denee Evans


Matthew Ferrara

Philosopher, speaker, writer, and photographer

Lauren Hansen


Why Attend the Virtual Town Hall?

Find Out Where the Real Estate Economy is Heading

Listen to the unique and engaging Bowtie Economist Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D., an internationally acclaimed economist and public speaker. Elliot brings to life economics through relevant and educational references without “boring you to death.”

Strengthen Communities Through Finance, Innovation & Technology

Fresh ideas, national information and a new voice brings Denee Evans, the CEO of the Council of Multiple Listing Services (CMLS), which is the largest professional organization dedicated to the MLS industry in North America.

Ask the Experts in Real Time!

Each speaking session is followed by an open town hall forum for questions, answers and comments.

Bring your questions, thoughts and concerns to “share with the class”.

Learn The Newest Trends, Tools and Future of Your MLS

Lauren Hansen CEO of IRES MLS, brings up-to-date information about the system you use daily and how to make it work better for you!

The IRES staff will also present additional information about their “Staff Picks” for apps that will help you in your personal space or your real estate business.

Get Inspired in Expanding and Preserving your Real Estate Business.

Motivational speaker Matthew Ferrara brings the heat in the power of words. Learn about the key words, core values and meaningful mission and goals that can ignite your business.

Let Matthew plant the right ideas, skills and encouragement in your mind to put wind in your sails!

Free Book

Have you read the The BIG Book of apps by Beth Ziesenis? Attend the Town Hall with IRES and receive the next book in the series, The BIGGER book of apps, free of charge and shipped directly to you.

The Bigger book of apps by Beth Ziesenis


Chris Hardy

10:00 am
Chris Hardy

IRES Chair Chris Hardy welcomes you to “Where are We Going, A Virtual Town Hall”


10:05 am
Lauren Hansen,

IRES Update (Data sharing, recent stats)      

10:15 am    
Denee Evans,

30,000 foot view of MLSs

10:30 am
IRES Staff App picks

From “The BIGGER Book of Apps”

10:35 am    
Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D.,
“The Bowtie Economist”    

11:00 am    
Matthew Ferrara,
Motivational Speaker

“YOU Shaped Recovery”

11:30 Follow Up

Evaluation, additional Q&A, slide links, etc.


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