Thank you for your application!

After we receive managing broker approval:

Step 1

Receive an Invoice

Check your email! Once your application has been approved, you will receive an invoice via email.

Contact Us with any questions.

Step 2

Pay the Invoice

IRES offers multiple ways to pay including auto pay. Annual discounts are available!

Billing Breakdown

Initation Fee – $95
Quarterly Fees – $132 ($44/month)

Initiation Fee – $225
Quarterly Fees – $165 ($55/month)

Licensed Staff
Subject to quarterly fees based on Realtor/Non-Realtor membership (staff credit may apply).

Unlicensed Staff
Only responsible for initiation fee based on Managing Broker’s Realtor®/Non-Realtor membership.

Contact Us with any questions.

Step 3

Access IRES

While you wait for your approval, check out some resources:

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