Longmont: Motion to Reconsider Inclusionary Zoning Fails

At the beginning of the April 4th City Council meeting, Council member Polly Christensen made a motion to direct the City Manager to add a discussion of inclusionary zoning – requiring builders to deed restrict a portion of new development and dedicate it affordable housing — to a future agenda. She claimed the Work ForceContinue reading “Longmont: Motion to Reconsider Inclusionary Zoning Fails”

Longmont Task Force Recommends Tax for Housing

The Work Force Housing Task Force formed after the repeal of inclusionary zoning finally finished its work and provided the City Council with a report full of recommendations. The most significant item on the list was a new sales (0.07 percent) or property tax (0.95 mills) that would raise $1 million a year for affordableContinue reading “Longmont Task Force Recommends Tax for Housing”

Longmont Affordable Housing Task Force Recommendations

On May 21 the Work Force Housing Task Force (Task Force) will present its recommendations to the City Council. The Task Force was convened in January 2012 to study the future of affordable housing in Longmont in light of the Council’s repeal of the inclusionary zoning program. In addition to lengthy meetings, the Task ForceContinue reading “Longmont Affordable Housing Task Force Recommendations”