Longmont: Windy Gap Rate Increase Postponed

After an executive session, the City Council did an abrupt about face and decided not to implement the water rate increases it planned to implement to pay for additional water from the Windy Gap Firming Project. The official explanation for the decision is that the project won’t begin this year however, there may be otherContinue reading “Longmont: Windy Gap Rate Increase Postponed”

Loveland: City Acquires Additional Windy Gap Water

The City Council approved a resolution authorizing the acquisition of an additional 3,000 acre-feet of water in the Windy Gap Firming Project, which increases the City’s participation in the Windy Gap Firming Project to 10,000 acre-feet of water storage. The storage was available because the City of Longmont reduced its participation in Windy Gap. WindyContinue reading “Loveland: City Acquires Additional Windy Gap Water”

Longmont: Council Commits to Windy Gap

After a long discussion, the City Council agreed to move forward with its participation in the Windy Gap Firming Project. Joan Peck and Polly Christensen voted against the motion, saying they wanted a lower level of participation than the 10,000 acre-feet level advised by the Water Board. The Longmont Association of Realtors’ Board of DirectorsContinue reading “Longmont: Council Commits to Windy Gap”

Region: Windy Gap Participants Approve Funds for 2016

The city councils of Loveland and Greeley approved resolutions to fund their portions of the Fifth Interim Agreement for costs associated with the Windy Gap Firming Project in 2016. Each participant’s share for 2016 is approximately $1.1 million. “The Fifth Phase of the Project consists of the continuation of work to obtain local, state andContinue reading “Region: Windy Gap Participants Approve Funds for 2016”

Greeley Council Approves Windy Gap Resolution

On March 4 the City Council approved an agreement between the City and Northern Water for the Fourth Phase of the Windy Gap Firming Project. It included approval for environmental and other permitting, engineering studies, preliminary design and land acquisition. Greeley’s share of the cost for the 4th phase is $162,451. While the Final EnvironmentalContinue reading “Greeley Council Approves Windy Gap Resolution”

Northern Colorado’s Windy Gap Moving Forward

The Grand County Board of County Commissioners approved a permit and related agreements for the Windy Gap Firming Project this month. Windy Gap will bring additional water to 13 local municipalities/water districts, including Greeley, Evans, Lafayette, Longmont, Loveland, Louisville, Little Thompson Water District, Superior, Erie and the Little Thompson Water District. The commissioners approved theContinue reading “Northern Colorado’s Windy Gap Moving Forward”