Greeley: City Begins Water Dedication Discussion

When the City went through the process of updating its impact fees it became clear that water fees for residential development also needed to be reviewed. After hiring a consultant, Doug Jeavons of BBC, City staff scheduled a series of meetings with stakeholders (GARA, the HBA and the Water Board) to get input. Jeavons saidContinue reading “Greeley: City Begins Water Dedication Discussion”

Loveland: City Council Supports Regional Tourism Authority

If the State approves the grant application submitted by Go NoCO (see below) Loveland could get three new projects designed to generate more tourism:  1) Waterpark Hotel: a 300-room hotel, with an indoor-outdoor water park, a family entertainment center, spa and 40,000 square feet of meeting space with an estimated cost of $138.3 million; 2) Whitewater/KayakContinue reading “Loveland: City Council Supports Regional Tourism Authority”

Ballot Initiatives would Overturn Colorado Water Law

Proponents of two radical ballot measures are gathering signatures to put them on the November ballot. Initiatives 3 and 45 would change the Colorado constitution to give the public a superior interest in Colorado’s water, trumping private water rights. The measures seek to supplant constitutional provisions that form the basis for Colorado’s prior appropriation doctrineContinue reading “Ballot Initiatives would Overturn Colorado Water Law”