Greeley: Cash in Lieu Report Released

BBC Research & Consulting has finished its study of Greeley’s Cash in Lieu (CIL) water policy. The consultants say the volume of water Greeley requires from residential developers is very close to the average across the region.  However, “the cost to developers of approximately $25,000 per home is above average” compared to the average priceContinue reading “Greeley: Cash in Lieu Report Released”

Greeley: City Begins Water Dedication Discussion

When the City went through the process of updating its impact fees it became clear that water fees for residential development also needed to be reviewed. After hiring a consultant, Doug Jeavons of BBC, City staff scheduled a series of meetings with stakeholders (GARA, the HBA and the Water Board) to get input. Jeavons saidContinue reading “Greeley: City Begins Water Dedication Discussion”

Greeley Opposes Public Trust Doctrine Initiative

Richard Hamilton, a retired aquatic microbiologist from Fairplay, is renewing his efforts to introduce a ballot initiative to ask voters to enact the public trust water doctrine in Colorado. The notion that the public has an inherent interest in free-flowing water is well-established in some states, which embrace what’s known as the “public trust doctrine.”

Continue reading “Greeley Opposes Public Trust Doctrine Initiative”