Fort Collins: City Council to Consider New NISP Resolution

Fort Collins staff is encouraged by the changes to Northern Water’s Northern Integrated Supply Project (NISP) proposal but that doesn’t mean the City is ready to remove its objections to the project. One change eliminates a pipeline between Horsetooth Reservoir and one of the new reservoirs (Glade), alleviating concern regarding water quality in  Horsetooth. TheContinue reading “Fort Collins: City Council to Consider New NISP Resolution”

Region: NISP Assessment Delayed another Year

The US Army Corps of Engineers will take another year to work on its environmental impact statement (EIS) for Northern Integrated Supply Project (NISP).  NISP would add two new reservoirs, Glade north of Fort Collins and Galeton east of Ault. The EIS was due in 2016 but now won’t be released until 2017. Eric WilkersonContinue reading “Region: NISP Assessment Delayed another Year”

Northern Colorado Water’s Offer to Help Fund NISP EIS Approved

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has announced its decision to accept funding from the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District (Northern Water), in order to expedite the preparation of the Northern Integrated Supply Project Environmental Impact Statement and evaluation of the NISP 404 Permit application. The Corps of Engineers has been hampered by a lackContinue reading “Northern Colorado Water’s Offer to Help Fund NISP EIS Approved”

National Efforts Underway to Expedite NISP and Other Water Projects

Rep. Cory Gardner is drafting a bill to expedite the federal permitting process for new water projects, as long as the projects are endorsed by the governor of that state. Many regional water projects have been in the federal permitting stages for years, with participants having spent millions of dollars along the way and noContinue reading “National Efforts Underway to Expedite NISP and Other Water Projects”