Legislative Update

SB 15-135 “Public Bodies and Urban Renewal” CAR Position: Neutral This bill would give counties a “seat at the table” on urban renewal authority (URA) issues – a consistent request of counties for many years – by allowing them the option of appointing a member of a municipal urban renewal authority board. There would beContinue reading “Legislative Update”

Longmont: Mall Financing Decision Not Made in Haste

Recently the Longmont City Council voted recently to use a financing tool called certificates of participation (COP) to help fund the redevelopment of the Twin Peaks Mall. But in spite of claims made by some critics, the decision was discussed and analyzed over a year before the vote. The initial decision was made by the CityContinue reading “Longmont: Mall Financing Decision Not Made in Haste”

Fort Collins Council Approves Mall Financing

The Fort Collins City Council acting as the Urban Renewal Authority approved several resolutions to approve the public financing mechanisms needed to renovate the Foothills Mall. The City will use a complex package of funding instruments, two of which impact property taxes and two affect sales taxes.  The creation of a metropolitan district means increasedContinue reading “Fort Collins Council Approves Mall Financing”

Loveland Council Approves 2013 Priorities

The City Council participated in a retreat in late January to create its priority list of annual projects. On March 5th Council approved the report of that meeting, which makes the list of priorities official. Many of the items will be of interest to the real estate community. Business Accelerator Program. Develop the definition andContinue reading “Loveland Council Approves 2013 Priorities”