Colorado: Transportation Bill Dies in Senate Committee

The transportation bill sponsored by the Democratic Speaker of the House and the Republican Senate President died in the Senate Finance Committee on April 25. HB-1242 would have asked voters to approve a new .50 state sales tax and allowed the State to issue bonds in order to raise $3.5 million for transportation. CDOT wouldContinue reading “Colorado: Transportation Bill Dies in Senate Committee”

Colorado: Transportation Bill Moves to Senate

HB-1242 “Transportation Infrastructure Funding” had its first committee hearing in the Senate’s Transportation Committee on April 11. It passed out of the committee on a 3-2 vote but that could spell trouble for the bill. While HB-1242 is co-sponsored by the Senate President, a Republican, Senators John Cooke (Greeley) and Ray Scott (Grand Junction), votedContinue reading “Colorado: Transportation Bill Moves to Senate”

Colorado Legislators Fight For Transportation Projects

Congressman Jared Polis tried to amend the long-term transportation bill recently passed by the House of Representatives to give I-25 “high priority corridor” status. This would have given the highway preference in consideration for funding under the newly created Nationally Significant Freight and Highway Projects program. Unfortunately, he was not successful in his effort. PolisContinue reading “Colorado Legislators Fight For Transportation Projects”

Nation: House Tackles Transportation Bill

The U.S. House of Representatives has already spent hours this week working on a $325 billion long-term transportation bill. They’re under the gun because a temporary highway bill expires on Nov. 21. The House Rules Committee tacked on 81 amendments to the bill, which includes an extension of the Export-Import Bank, IRS provisions and other non-transportationContinue reading “Nation: House Tackles Transportation Bill”

Senators Introduce Transportation Bill

A bipartisan group of senators has introduced legislation that would spend $275 billion over the next six years on the nation’s roads, as Congress rushes to prevent an interruption in federal infrastructure spending next month. The measure, known as the Developing a Reliable and Innovative Vision for the Economy (DRIVE) Act, calls for appropriating nearlyContinue reading “Senators Introduce Transportation Bill”

Senate Committee Passes Transportation Bill

This morning the Senate Transportation Committee held a hearing on SB 272, “Authorize New Transportation Revenue Anticipation Notes,” a bill that would ask state voters to approve TRANS bonds (Transportation Revenue Anticipation Notes). TRANS was first passed by voters in 1999 and provided the revenue to finance the T-REX project and many others. The newContinue reading “Senate Committee Passes Transportation Bill”

Unlikely Duo Introduces Transportation Bill

Sens. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) are introducing a transportation funding bill they say could bring back up to $2 trillion in corporate tax revenue currently in foreign banks to help pay for U.S. infrastructure projects. They said the measure would also extend federal transportation programs that are currently scheduled to expire inContinue reading “Unlikely Duo Introduces Transportation Bill”

Transpogeddon Averted

Highway and mass transit programs funded by the highway trust fund gas tax received a last-minute reprieve after the Senate passed a GOP House-crafted $11 billion 10-month extension of the tax they had overwhelmingly rejected two days ago. But as happy as transportation interests will be to have something in place, the bill’s passage neverthelessContinue reading “Transpogeddon Averted”