Berthoud’s Annual Fee Review Could Lead to Hefty Increases

The Berthoud Board of Trustees conducts a review of building permit fees each year. Recently, a staff proposal created consternation for builders and REALTORS. In 2009 the Trustees waived or deferred a number of fees in an effort to help the local economy. However, Planner Tim Katers said that decision has cost the Town approximatelyContinue reading “Berthoud’s Annual Fee Review Could Lead to Hefty Increases”

Berthoud Trustees Tweak Site Plan Review Process

With adoption of the new Development Code eight months ago, Berthoud’s planning staff says it has been able to work in more a partnership mode with developers in the community. Some subdivisions have taken action to shift their previous approvals and use the current set of regulations, small replat projects have been authorized administratively, andContinue reading “Berthoud Trustees Tweak Site Plan Review Process”