Larimer County: County Convenes Workforce Housing Task Force

On August 31 Larimer County held the first meeting of its workforce housing task force. The group included Congressman Jared Polis (briefly), State Senator John Kefalas, County Commissioners Tom Donnelly and Lew Gaiter, the mayor of Johnstown, Loveland City Council member Leah Johnson, a staff representative from Timnath, representatives from FCBR and LBAR, and anContinue reading “Larimer County: County Convenes Workforce Housing Task Force”

Boulder: Does Boulder Need a Middle-Income Housing Strategy?

The City Council continued its discussion of middle-class housing affordability last week. The Council was divided on how new policies could make middle-class home ownership more affordable. Some said the development and zoning regulations should be tweaked while others argued for new regulations designed to increase density and reduce lot size. Staff noted that market-rateContinue reading “Boulder: Does Boulder Need a Middle-Income Housing Strategy?”

Weld County: Weld Wants to Opt-Out of Gas/Oil Rules

The Weld County commissioners hope to avoid implementing new rules just approved by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) by making their own regulations. The COGCC rules are the result of changes suggested by Governor Hickenlooper’s task force in 2015. The task force was created in a compromise brokered by the Governor thatContinue reading “Weld County: Weld Wants to Opt-Out of Gas/Oil Rules”