Loveland: City Council Supports Regional Tourism Authority

If the State approves the grant application submitted by Go NoCO (see below) Loveland could get three new projects designed to generate more tourism:  1) Waterpark Hotel: a 300-room hotel, with an indoor-outdoor water park, a family entertainment center, spa and 40,000 square feet of meeting space with an estimated cost of $138.3 million; 2) Whitewater/KayakContinue reading “Loveland: City Council Supports Regional Tourism Authority”

Loveland: Council Approves Funding for Tourism Authority Application

The City Council approved an ordinance that provides $175,000 in funding for consultants to develop the application for the Regional Tourism Authority to the State Economic Development Commission. The funding will be used to hire consultants to complete a Northern Colorado Regional Tourism Act application for the Council’s consideration. The Regional Tourism Act (RTA) wasContinue reading “Loveland: Council Approves Funding for Tourism Authority Application”