Boulder County: Final Approval For Occupancy Ordinance

The Boulder City Council gave final approval to an ordinance that will make it easier to enforce the city’s occupancy limit. The ordinance doesn’t change the occupancy limit but gives the City new enforcement tools. Property owners must put the legal occupancy limit on their rental license applications and post it on the inside ofContinue reading “Boulder County: Final Approval For Occupancy Ordinance”

Boulder: Voters Choose Mix of Candidates

Aaron Brockett (Chair of the Planning Commission), Bob Yates (a former business executive) and entrepreneur Jan Burton will be the new members on the Council. Incumbents Lisa Morzel and Suzanne Jones were re-elected to another four-year term. The new Council is relatively balanced, ensuring the City’s diverse population and interests will be well represented.

Boulder County: Five Available City Council Seats

So far there are seven candidates who’ve been certified as official candidates for the Boulder City Council election. They are incumbents Lisa Morzel, Suzanne Jones and Tim Plass, plus Planning Board members Aaron Brockett and Leonard May, neighborhood activist Jyotsna Raj and former Level 3 Communications executive Bob Yates. At least two of the newcomers willContinue reading “Boulder County: Five Available City Council Seats”

Boulder: One More Affordable Housing Fee

The Boulder City Council unanimously approved an ordinance implementing linkage fees (approximately $2 to $9 PSF depending on type of use) for new commercial development to pay for affordable housing. The fees will be phased in and will not apply to projects that have already been submitted. Mayor Matt Appelbaum said, “I don’t think thereContinue reading “Boulder: One More Affordable Housing Fee”

Boulder: Linkage Fee Phasing Source of Debate

The City Council recently discussed the timeline for adding linkage fees to new commercial projects to help fund affordable housing. Fees are typically applied when a developer applies for building permits, but what about projects that have already been through the site review process? Should they be charged the linkage fees – which could amountContinue reading “Boulder: Linkage Fee Phasing Source of Debate”

Boulder: Council Votes to Stick to the (Comp) Plan

City Councilman Sam Weaver’s argument that Boulder needs a new “Comprehensive Development Strategy” failed on a 5-4 vote. Weaver had initially argued the City needed a building moratorium but realized that would not have enough votes to pass before the Council meeting. Unfortunately for him, his back up plan didn’t work well either. The majorityContinue reading “Boulder: Council Votes to Stick to the (Comp) Plan”

Council Considers Transportation Funding Idea

At a recent study session City staff and the Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) again brought up the need for additional revenues to pay for road & bridge infrastructure, saying the funding gap is approximately $3 million. One solution, which has been considered and rejected by Council in the past, is a transportation fee. However, theContinue reading “Council Considers Transportation Funding Idea”