Colorado: Health Insurance Battle Heating Up

Supporters of Amendment 69, which would create a state-run health insurance program and double Colorado’s state budget, have raised $44,940 so far, according to the Secretary of State’s website. In contrast, Coloradans for Coloradans, the opposition group, has raised $688,141(including a $50,000 donation from CAR). CAR’s Board of Directors voted to oppose the measure inContinue reading “Colorado: Health Insurance Battle Heating Up”

State: Should Gallagher Be Changed?

Building a Better Colorado (BBC), a bi-partisan effort to address some of Colorado’s biggest challenges, has been going around the state gathering input on three main issues: the constitutional initiative process, TABOR and the State budget and the lack of participation in the primary process. After attending one of these meetings in Loveland, it isContinue reading “State: Should Gallagher Be Changed?”

State: What Kind of Government Do You Want?

Building A Better Colorado (BBC) is a coalition of former and current elected officials and business leaders looking for solutions to some of the challenges we face in Colorado, including conflicting amendments in the Constitution. The group isn’t advocating for specific recommendations but wants to “facilitate constructive dialogue among Coloradans who want to see betterContinue reading “State: What Kind of Government Do You Want?”