Fort Collins: City Will Regulate Short Term Rentals

The Fort Collins City Council discussed short-term rentals (STRs) again on January 10th and directed staff to prepare a draft ordinance for public review. The draft has been scheduled for discussion at a regular meeting on March 7. Staff estimates there are currently approximately 300 short-term rental units in the City, which means less thanContinue reading “Fort Collins: City Will Regulate Short Term Rentals”

Boulder: Council Votes for Short-Term Rental Regulations

The City’s desire to preserve and expand long-term rental stock takes precedence over a property owner’s desire to use their homes as an income source. The City Council voted (7-1) to approve an ordinance on first reading that adds new requirements for short-term property rentals. The owners must live in the home at least 275Continue reading “Boulder: Council Votes for Short-Term Rental Regulations”

Boulder: City to Regulate Residential Vacation Rentals

The Boulder City Council wants to regulate the use of residential properties for vacation rental – and it also wants owners to pay taxes. Research by City staff shows the practice has expanded in the last six years. In 2008, City staff found 21 properties actually located in the City were marketed as short-term vacationContinue reading “Boulder: City to Regulate Residential Vacation Rentals”