Fort Collins: Short-Term Rentals Ordinance Passes First Reading

After months of outreach, the City of Fort Collins unanimously passed two short-term rental (STR) ordinances on first reading. One ordinance amends the Land Use Code and limits primary STRs (owner-occupied) units to 20 zones that allow small (six bedrooms or less) hotels or B&Bs. Non-primary (not owner occupied) STRs will be allowed 13 zonesContinue reading “Fort Collins: Short-Term Rentals Ordinance Passes First Reading”

Fort Collins: Short-term Regulation on Horizon

The City is considering a plan to license short-term rentals. Airbnb estimates it has 200 active renters in the Fort Collins area. Staff estimates 4.4 percent of homes in the City are rented on a short-term basis. Currently, homeowners are supposed to obtain both a sales tax license and a lodging tax license, however, itContinue reading “Fort Collins: Short-term Regulation on Horizon”