New! Sentrilock Bluetooth Enabled

The Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockbox maintains the same functionality as all previous generations, however, it now communicates directly with a smartphone or tablet for increased convenience and security. It operates the exact same way as the previous generations of the REALTOR® Lockboxes when using a SentriCard®, however, when using the SentriSmart™ mobile app, more features areContinue reading “New! Sentrilock Bluetooth Enabled”

FREE from IRES: Sentrilock’s Mobile App

      Sentrilock’s new mobile app “SentriSmart” is now available to you at NO ADDITIONAL COST (usually $24.99/Year), courtsey of IRES! Open Lockboxes with your Smartphone or Tablet Generate One Day Codes on your phone View Access Log Assign or Remove a lockbox from properties View the intro video of this handy app andContinue reading “FREE from IRES: Sentrilock’s Mobile App”