Weld County: Incumbents Re-elected to BOCC

Sean Conway (at-large), Mike Freeman (district 1) and Barbara Kirkmeyer (district 3) easily defeated their opponents and won the right to serve another four years as commissioners. Conway and Kirkmeyer lead the North I-25 Elected Officials Coalition and lobbied hard for the passage of the transportation bonding bill in the last legislative session.

Greeley: GARA Endorses Incumbent Commissioners

GARA’s Board of Directors voted to approve three recommendations made by an interviewing committee. After interviewing five of the seven Weld County commissioner candidates (Carl Erickson and Lynette Kilpatrick did not respond to repeated invitations), the committee unanimously voted to recommend the three incumbents: Sean Conway (at-large), Mike Freeman (District 1) and Barbara Kirkmeyer (DistrictContinue reading “Greeley: GARA Endorses Incumbent Commissioners”

Elected Officials Agree on List of Highway Funding Options

At the last I-25 Elected Officials Coalition meeting, the group agreed to support a list of State level I-25 funding options promoted by Weld County Commissioners Barbara Kirkmeyer and Sean Conway. TRANS bond funding (such as the proposal initiated by NCLA during the last legislative session). A general fund allocation for transportation. Legislation to reviseContinue reading “Elected Officials Agree on List of Highway Funding Options”

MPO Approves Funds for I-25

At its last meeting the North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization’s management council approved the appropriation of $5 million of its funds to help defray the cost the Crossroads Interchange and Berthoud hill climbing lane. This decision was described as unprecedented by 2015 MPO Chair Sean Conway. Next week our CDOT district representatives will formallyContinue reading “MPO Approves Funds for I-25”

Weld County Proposes Novel Funding Idea for I-25

Weld County Commissioner Sean Conway surprised many people at the NFRMPO meeting last week. The NFRMPO’s planning council oversees the federal and state transportation dollars that flow into Northern Colorado from gas tax revenues. Conway made a motion to take the entire $13.2 million STP (surface transportation program) budget available for the North Front RangeContinue reading “Weld County Proposes Novel Funding Idea for I-25”

Weld County Secession Movement Fails

The controversial ballot question asking for approval to move forward with an effort to create the state of North Colorado failed in Weld County, with 56 percent of the voters saying no to Ballot Question 1A. While the quest to secede may be derailed for now, Weld County Commissioner Sean Conway says the County willContinue reading “Weld County Secession Movement Fails”

Weld County Commissioners Appear Poised to Put Secession Question to Voters

Weld County Attorney Bruce Barker is apparently working on a resolution for the Commissioners that will ask voters to decide if Weld County should secede from Colorado. The commissioners do not have to gather signatures; as the legislative head of the County they can simply refer the measure to the November ballot. At meetings heldContinue reading “Weld County Commissioners Appear Poised to Put Secession Question to Voters”

Conway Wins Easily

Sean Conway was elected to serve a second term as an at-large commissioner on the five-person Board of (Weld) County Commissioners. Conway formerly served as Chief of Staff for Senator Wayne Allard. Conway was endorsed by the Greeley Area REALTOR® Association and received a campaign donation from GARA using local CARPAC funds.

Oil and Gas Revenues Put County in Unique Position

County Commissioner Sean Conway says that several major gas and oil companies have announced their plan to invest over $15 billion dollars in Weld County over the next five years. The revenues from this investment will pay off handily for the County, which does not have a County sales tax and is the only countyContinue reading “Oil and Gas Revenues Put County in Unique Position”

Conway Announces Re-election Bid

Sean Conway announced his decision to run for a second term as Weld County Commissioner. The election will not occur for 10 months but given Conway’s early announcement it is unlikely he will have competition from the GOP for his at-large seat given his party’s dominance in county politics.