Longmont: P&Z Member to Run for City Council

Attorney Scott Dunn announced he is running for an at-large City Council seat. The council seat currently held by term-limited Sarah Levison. Dunn has lived in Longmont for 20 years and is a partner with the Flanders, Elsberg, Herber & Dunn LLC law firm where he practices real estate and business law. Dunn has beenContinue reading “Longmont: P&Z Member to Run for City Council”

Longmont: Bagley Announces Re-election Bid

Observers were not surprised when Mayor pro tem Brian Bagley announced his decision to run for another term on City Council (Ward 1). He is the first incumbent to announce but had “primed the pump” with his proposal to secure Longmont’s northern and eastern borders several weeks ago. Among the priorities he mentioned was theContinue reading “Longmont: Bagley Announces Re-election Bid”

Longmont: Mayor Pro Tem Stirs Up Annexation Issue

Observers are puzzled by Longmont Mayor Pro Tem Brian Bagley’s recent announcement that the City needs to focus on securing its northern and eastern boundaries. Bagley listed three ideas: 1) Longmont should acquire land and create an open space buffer at 66 and I-25 between Weld County Roads 3.5 and 5; 2) A policy shouldContinue reading “Longmont: Mayor Pro Tem Stirs Up Annexation Issue”

Longmont: Council Approves Main Street Station Partnership

The City Council agreed to share the risk and enter into a public-private partnership to build Phase 1 of the South Main Station development at 150 Main Street. The project will change the look and feel of Main Street by removing the old turkey plant and replacing it with a mixed-use development when it isContinue reading “Longmont: Council Approves Main Street Station Partnership”

Longmont: New Apartment Project Approved

The Longmont City Council gave initial approval for the Copper Peak apartment complex north of Walmart at the intersection of Main Street and Colo. 66. The ordinance amends the Longmont Area Comprehensive Plan to allow for multi-family structures on that parcel by a 5-2 vote with Sarah Levison and Polly Christensen dissenting. Copper Peak willContinue reading “Longmont: New Apartment Project Approved”

Should Longmont Create More Affordable Housing?

At a study session on August 19th the City Council considered the scarcity of rental housing and the issue of affordability in general. The big question, which remains unanswered, is how to pay for it? Ironically, during the same meeting, staff noted that the City still has a $1.7 million dollar budget gap, even thoughContinue reading “Should Longmont Create More Affordable Housing?”

Longmont City Council to Put Road Tax on November Ballot

Did you know that road funding is the only basic city service that requires periodic renewal by voters? The City Council voted 6-1, with Sarah Levison dissenting, to ask the voters for a 10-year extension of the Longmont streets 3/4 cent sales and use tax this November. The tax helps pay for maintenance, operation andContinue reading “Longmont City Council to Put Road Tax on November Ballot”

Longmont Council Discusses Transportation

The Longmont City Council discussed the latest studies regarding FasTracks and the proposed Northwest rail line — and were disappointed with what they learned. By a 6-0 vote  (Gabe Santos was absent), the Council asked its legal staff to study whether Longmont can put its FasTracks sales tax funds into an escrow account until it getsContinue reading “Longmont Council Discusses Transportation”

Longmont Task Force Recommends Tax for Housing

The Work Force Housing Task Force formed after the repeal of inclusionary zoning finally finished its work and provided the City Council with a report full of recommendations. The most significant item on the list was a new sales (0.07 percent) or property tax (0.95 mills) that would raise $1 million a year for affordableContinue reading “Longmont Task Force Recommends Tax for Housing”

City of Longmont Reluctantly Invokes Eminent Domain

In a 6-1 vote the Longmont City Council approved the use of eminent domain to move forward with the Twin Peaks Mall redevelopment. Councilwoman Sarah Levison cast the dissenting vote, saying she had read some of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the Kelo v. City of New London case and did not feel eminentContinue reading “City of Longmont Reluctantly Invokes Eminent Domain”