Longmont: Council Wants Rail

The City Council passed a resolution proposed by Mayor Coombs and Councilmember Joan Peck asking RTD to complete the Northwest Rail Line as originally proposed in the FasTracks ballot initiative approved by voters in 2004. Longmont taxpayers have paid $39.5 million to RTD for FasTracks thus far. All the other FasTrack rail corridors have beenContinue reading “Longmont: Council Wants Rail”

Boulder County: County Voters May See Open Space Tax Question in November

Every year Boulder County conducts a public opinion poll to gauge residents’ support for various tax initiatives. The poll done in December 2015 asked likely voters their thoughts on four proposals. Two of those ideas, extending the open space sales tax or extending the tax and using it for a combination of open space andContinue reading “Boulder County: County Voters May See Open Space Tax Question in November”

Boulder County FasTracks Update

The goal of RTD’s Northwest Area Mobility Study (NAMS) was to determine transit priorities for the Northwest corridor, taking into consideration that conditions have changed since voters passed the FasTracks initiative in 2004. The results show that bus rapid transit (BRT) is a more realistic alternative to rail. Analysis indicates that by 2035 the railContinue reading “Boulder County FasTracks Update”

RTD Study Will Evaluate Rail Route Options in Boulder County

According to the current FasTracks plan, RTD’s North Metro Rail Line will end at 162nd Avenue and SH 7 in northern Adams County. The Northwest Rail Line would follow US 36 to Boulder and Highway 119 to Longmont. The Northwest Rail Line’s original completion date of 2016 has been pushed back to 2044 because ofContinue reading “RTD Study Will Evaluate Rail Route Options in Boulder County”

Group Says High-Speed Rail from Fort Collins to Pueblo Feasible and Profitable

A $2.8 million study evaluating the feasibility of high-speed rail from Fort Collins to Pueblo has identified five potential routes that could carry more than 10 million passengers annually. The Colorado Department of Transportation and the Federal Railroad Administration launched the Interregional Connectivity Study (ICS), last spring. ICS team members hope to build a startupContinue reading “Group Says High-Speed Rail from Fort Collins to Pueblo Feasible and Profitable”

Longmont’s 1st and Main Project Delayed

The 1st and Main transportation center construction will be delayed pending the outcome of the Northwest Area Mobility Study (NAMS) being conducted by RTD. In October the City Council approved a FasTracks policy document asking RTD to consider a possible alternative to the Northwest Rail Corridor from Boulder to Longmont. The alternative alignment would beContinue reading “Longmont’s 1st and Main Project Delayed”

Longmont First & Main Rezoning Approved

The City Council voted 5-2 to rezone the First and Main area south of the downtown core to mixed-use from light industrial. Assuming RTD builds the planned transit station in this vicinity, the mixed-use zone designation will encourage neighborhood development and the City’s vision had always included a mix of commercial and residential uses. AlexContinue reading “Longmont First & Main Rezoning Approved”

Boulder County RTD to Conduct Study

RTD announced it will conduct a $2 million study to evaluate mobility options in the northwest Denver-Boulder metropolitan area, including a potential extension of the North Line to Longmont and bus rapid transit (BRT) opportunities. The Northwest Area Mobility Study (NAMS) is designed to develop consensus among the agency, the Colorado Department of Transportation andContinue reading “Boulder County RTD to Conduct Study”

RTD Directors Vote No

The Regional Transportation District Board of Directors decided not to pursue a tax increase in November that would have funded a hybrid rail/bus line from Denver to Longmont. All 12 members of the RTD board said the timing is wrong for any kind of tax hike and too many questions remain about the plan. TheContinue reading “RTD Directors Vote No”