Fort Collins: Municipal Election Results

Wade Troxell was re-elected mayor, winning a decisive 57 percent of the vote, defeating opponents Edie Hudetz and Kwon Atlas.  In District 1, Bob Overbeck won a second term, beating Nate Budd by 15 percentage points. In the closest race, Ken Summers defected Gordon Coombes by a seven percent margin to take the District 3Continue reading “Fort Collins: Municipal Election Results”

Fort Collins: Chamber Announces Council Endorsements

The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce has announced its endorsements for the April City Council election. Mayor, Wade Troxell vs. Edie Hudetz and Kwon Atlas District 1, Nate Budd vs. incumbent Bob Overbeck District 3, Ken Summers vs. Gordon Coombes District 5, No Endorsement (Ross Cunniff vs. Duane Hansen) As part of the Chamber’s process, candidates wereContinue reading “Fort Collins: Chamber Announces Council Endorsements”

Fort Collins: April Ballot Taking Shape

The Fort Collins municipal election is April 4, 2017. Candidate petitions are due Feb. 23 and already a variety of candidates have declared. Mayor Wade Troxell will run for another term on City Council. He will face challengers Elizabeth “Edie” Hudetz and Chavez Fisher. Hudetz is a longtime political activist and a member of SaveContinue reading “Fort Collins: April Ballot Taking Shape”

Fort Collins: City Will Regulate Short Term Rentals

The Fort Collins City Council discussed short-term rentals (STRs) again on January 10th and directed staff to prepare a draft ordinance for public review. The draft has been scheduled for discussion at a regular meeting on March 7. Staff estimates there are currently approximately 300 short-term rental units in the City, which means less thanContinue reading “Fort Collins: City Will Regulate Short Term Rentals”

Fort Collins: Council Adopts Construction Defects Ordinance

With little discussion, the Fort Collins City Council adopted its construction defects ordinance on second reading. As before, Ross Cunniff and Bob Overbeck voted against it, saying they support the need for more multi-family housing but not the ordinance.

Fort Collins: City to Move Ahead with Construction Defects Ordinance

The Fort Collins City Council decided to move forward with its own construction defect ordinance after a discussion on Feb. 9. Two Councilors (Ross Cunniff and Bob Overbeck) appeared to have misgivings about the concept, saying they were concerned about protecting homeowner’s rights, however, the mayor and majority of Council agreed that a local ordinanceContinue reading “Fort Collins: City to Move Ahead with Construction Defects Ordinance”

Fort Collins REALTORS® Announce City Council Candidate Endorsements

The Fort Collins Board of REALTORS® interviewed candidates for City Council and is endorsing the following candidates in the April 2 municipal election. These candidates have all demonstrated their support for REALTOR® issues such as economic development and private property rights. Mayor: Small business owner Karen Weitkunat is just completing her first term as mayor.Continue reading “Fort Collins REALTORS® Announce City Council Candidate Endorsements”