Loveland: New Council Keeps Conservative Majority

No one could predict the outcome of yesterday’s City Council election however the wide margins of victory for Richard Ball (Ward 1) and Leah Johnson (Ward 2) did come as a surprise. Don Overcash overcame Ralph Trenary’s incumbent status and won by 137 votes in Ward 4. Looking at the records of the incumbents and theContinue reading “Loveland: New Council Keeps Conservative Majority”

Loveland: Ball to Run for Ward One

Richard Ball has announced his candidacy for the Ward I City Council seat. Ball claims Chauncey Taylor, who currently holds the seat, has decided not run again. Ball says he wants to continue the growth and momentum in downtown Loveland if elected. He said the City should “help nurture and facilitate primary jobs, not justContinue reading “Loveland: Ball to Run for Ward One”