Longmont:Building Code Update

Longmont is reviewing the 2015 international building codes, but a group of building professionals is not suggesting any new and expensive requirements for residential construction. In fact, the group is recommending the current code be amended to push back the residential fire suppression sprinkler requirement until 2019. City staff and the professionals had concerns about theContinue reading “Longmont:Building Code Update”

Weld County Adopts 2012 Building Code

Weld County always marches to its own drummer and so the decision made by the County Commissioners regarding the 2012 building code update should not come as a surprise. Unlike most jurisdictions, the Commissioners deleted the residential sprinkler mandate entirely rather than deferring the requirement until 2016. In addition, builders will not be required toContinue reading “Weld County Adopts 2012 Building Code”

City Tightens Policy on Unpermitted Residential Construction

Loveland’s policy concerning illegal or unpermitted home renovations has become more restrictive, thanks to an interpretation by City Attorney John Duval. Tom Hawkinson, Chief Building Official for the City, said it was Duval who advised the Building Division to adopt a stricter policy in the wake of a well-publicized lawsuit in Pitkin County concerning carbonContinue reading “City Tightens Policy on Unpermitted Residential Construction”