Estes Park: Trustees Decide Against Putting Road Proposal on Ballot

The Estes Park Town Board of Trustees voted 5-1 not to place the proposal to create a Downtown Loop on the fall ballot. Instead, the Board opted to await the final results of a required federal environmental assessment, due late this year or early in 2016, and then make a decision itself on the projectContinue reading “Estes Park: Trustees Decide Against Putting Road Proposal on Ballot”

Polling Dooms Transportation Sales Tax

MPACT64, the collaborative effort of the (Denver) Metro Mayors Caucus, Progressive 15, Action 22, and Club 20 will not push a .7 percent statewide sales tax question for the 2014 ballot. Early polling indicates there less support for the measure than there was for Amendment 66, the education measure that failed miserably at the pollsContinue reading “Polling Dooms Transportation Sales Tax”

New Opportunity to Fund I-25

CDOT Region Four Officials have applied for $143 million dollars in funding from CDOT’s Responsible Acceleration of Maintenance and Partnerships’ (RAMP) program.  CDOT Headquarters recently made the funds for this program available through a competitive application process. Funding would be contingent on a Public-Private-Partnership on I-25 to create a tolled, managed express lane. Without utilizingContinue reading “New Opportunity to Fund I-25”