CAR Encourages Sunrise Process for Home Inspector Licensing

Some real estate industry stakeholders, including home inspectors, have been discussing the prospect of licensing home inspectors.  Sen. Todd, from Aurora, is prepared to run some sort of legislation to this end. In the last meeting that CAR lobbyist, Rachel Nance, attended with the stakeholders and Sen. Todd, the idea of running the matter throughContinue reading “CAR Encourages Sunrise Process for Home Inspector Licensing”

2014 Legislative Preview

Rachel Nance, CAR’s Vice-President for Public Policy, told the Legislative Policy Committee (LPC) that the recent legislative recalls have changed the dynamics of the General Assembly. Now the majority party rules the Senate by only one vote, which means that it will be more difficult for the party to exert control.  In addition, 2014 isContinue reading “2014 Legislative Preview”

2013 Legislative Preview

At the October Legislative Policy Committee meeting Rachel Nance, CAR’s Vice-President for Public Policy, talked about bills related to real estate that she thinks could be introduced during the 2013 legislative session. HOA Manager Licensing: It is unclear whether this would entail licensing or simply registration, but apparently the Division of Real Estate would likeContinue reading “2013 Legislative Preview”