Longmont: Council Has Been Quiet

While it might appear Longmont has been ignored in recent updates, there’s a reason for the lack of coverage. The City Council canceled its last regular meeting of 2016 and its first January meeting is a public forum. But there’s reason to believe the Council’s agendas will become more substantial soon.

Longmont: Public Meeting for Gas and Oil Comments

Recently the City Council discussed gas and oil regulations in Longmont but rather than moving forward with any legislation of its own, it decided to hold a public forum to get more input from citizens. Clearly some members of Council would support a ban on fracking or a moratorium regardless of their legality. Inevitably theContinue reading “Longmont: Public Meeting for Gas and Oil Comments”

Fort Collins: Oil and Gas Study Results Anticlimactic

The City of Fort Collins will host a public forum on Thursday, June 4 at 6 pm so residents can learn the results of oil and gas studies commissioned by the City. The reports were commissioned by the City in response to Ballot Measure 2A, passed by voters in November 2013. That ballot measure calledContinue reading “Fort Collins: Oil and Gas Study Results Anticlimactic”