Longmont: Home Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance Adopted

On March 21 the City Council unanimously approved a new ordinance related to “home grows,” that is cultivating, producing and/or processing of marijuana for medical or recreation uses not associated with a business. The ordinance allows cultivation, production, and processing at a person’s primary residence (or an accessory structure located on the property). Renters areContinue reading “Longmont: Home Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance Adopted”

Loveland: City Aims for Streamlined, User-Friendly Development Code

The project to create a new Loveland Development Code is underway. The goals of the new code are to make the approval process as simple and efficient as possible, minimize the cost to prepare applications and provide effective citizen participation. For example, under the new process developers would submit sketches for plats and site developmentContinue reading “Loveland: City Aims for Streamlined, User-Friendly Development Code”

Should Boulder Historic Preservation Rules Include Yard Features?

According to the City of Boulder’s historic preservation regulations, the Landmarks Board has authority to make decisions on applications to alter or add to a historic property – unless the Council “calls up” an application for further review. Such was the case recently for a family that requested permission to put a swimming pool inContinue reading “Should Boulder Historic Preservation Rules Include Yard Features?”