Greeley: Council Approves Impact Fees

The Greeley City Council voted 5-2 to adopt new capital improvement fees in March 2015. John Gates and Charlie Archibeque voted against the proposal in the public hearing on Jan. 20th. Sadly only two members of the public spoke at the hearing, including Neal Jandreau, GARA’s chairman. John Gates voiced concern with the decision byContinue reading “Greeley: Council Approves Impact Fees”

Weld County: Staff Prepares to Present Impact Fee Proposal to Council

After months of work, and requests for public input, Greeley Assistant City Manager Victoria Runkle and Community Development Director Brad Mueller are ready to present recommendations to the City Council regarding the proposed 2015 impact fees. The total cost of all the impact fees for a single-family home will increase 8.6 percent if the CityContinue reading “Weld County: Staff Prepares to Present Impact Fee Proposal to Council”

Greeley Board Releases 2013 Water and Sewer Impact Fees

In late December the Water and Sewer Board approved changes to City of Greeley plant investment fees (aka impact fees) for 2013. A developer currently pays a total of $16,800 in water and sewer PIF fees for a new single family home. (The current PIF for a 3Ž4 inch water tap is $12,000 and theContinue reading “Greeley Board Releases 2013 Water and Sewer Impact Fees”