Boulder: Co-op Ordinance Passes

On January 3 The Boulder City Council passed the cooperative housing ordinance 7-2 on third reading after a long public hearing. A 4th hearing will be required to finalize details on January 17 but the key provisions have been finalized after a year of intense public debate. The ordinance regulates occupancy, square footage per resident,Continue reading “Boulder: Co-op Ordinance Passes”

Fort Collins: Old Town Neighborhoods Target of Another Planning Effort

City planners are leading a 14-month study to create a new “Old Town Neighborhoods Plan.” Staff says there are a variety of potential issues that have been identified, including compatibility in fringe areas, zoning conflicts, historic property development proposals, parking, the growth of CSU and constrained corridors (Mulberry and N. Shields). The Fort Collins BoardContinue reading “Fort Collins: Old Town Neighborhoods Target of Another Planning Effort”